5 Boss battles that will break you

Seen it all, beaten it all? Our round-up of the biggest, toughest boss battles out there, starting with…


Braska’s Final Aeon, Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X is a game that is not shy of boss battles. However, one boss stands out above the others: Braska’s Final Aeon (above). Notorious for its huge amount of health and devastating attacks, it progressively gets harder as the battle goes on with the demon-like beast gaining a giant sword after a certain amount of damage is dealt to it, giving it a new ultimate attack that can deal great amounts of damage to your team as a whole with a sweeping motion.

To make the fight harder, the developers added two pagodas alongside the Aeon that give it extra HP and increase his overdrive gauge to bring him closer to his ultimate attack. The pagodas themselves are able to tank a large amount of damage and even when destroyed, will respawn after a short number of turns. Braska’s Final Aeon poses a humongous challenge even without the pagodas to help it, and is a worthy counterpart for what is easily the most epic battle in the game.

Adam Hitchcock


Martyr Logarius – Bloodborne

This is the type of boss that can crush your spirit and make you stop playing the game all together I speak from personal experience. After getting through the majority of the game, getting multiple deaths from each boss and individual enemies, I finally thought I was getting good at the game… I was wrong. This guy destroyed me about 10 times in a row crushing my heart and soul, thus making me turn off the game and cry.

This boss is, to put it simply, relentless. You find him on the top of Cainhurst Castle, and at first glance, he seems to just be a dead old man. I really do wish he was. He then goes on to get up out of his throne and float. Yes, float and it’s not funny float: it’s “run away or I’m going to die” float. He attacks you with both ranged and melee attacks too!

Good luck.

Ben Hardy


The End – Metal Gear Solid 3


He is one of those bosses that makes you want to scream. Not because he is too difficult, but because he is seriously irritating. Basically, what he does is sit in bushes and shoot you with that tranquilliser sniper rifle of his and then you fall asleep and wake up, having to find the old codger again.

The size of the area you have to fight him in doesn’t help at all either – with it being in a huge dense forest. You can barely see him and when you find him, you’ll just get knocked out and have to find him again. My advice to you is to kill him earlier in the game when he’s getting pushed around in a wheelchair, or just wait a week and he’ll crumble to dust.

Ben Hardy


Laura from the Evil Within


This relentlessly terrifying boss persistently chases you through dark, claustrophobic corridors, and in a game where stamina is of the essence, it isn’t a good thing. You first encounter this malicious demon in a conveniently long and tight corridor of which a chase scene ensues.

If you are wretched enough to be close to this abomination and try to run, or even more foolishly fight it, then it will kill you with one simple hit, climbing on top of you whilst crushing your head against the concrete with its Goliath hand. This boss pops up several times throughout the game and unfortunately for you, the player, you must sometimes engage it and at least try to end its reign of terror.

The name sounds innocent, don’t let it fool you.

Joshua Rawlings


Hans Volter from Killing Floor 2

volterPowerful, unforgiving, and difficult are a few adjectives for the boss of Killing Floor 2. After already facing hundreds of “Zeds”, you are now given the abhorring task of defeating this mad scientist. There’s no running or hiding as there are still other enemies coming to get you at the same time. This means that you must tactically face this menace, taking a “run and gun” approach before you and your whole team are grinded to a bloody pulp.

Equipped with dual machine guns, grenades and nerve gas, Hans Volter will do some serious damage to you. He will also take quite a bit of health from you in game too, lessening your chances of victory. If you happen to come within a close radius to this fiend he will grab you, patronisingly draining your health whilst you stare into his soulless eyes.

Stay away.

Joshua Rawlings


It wasn’t an easy discussion but here’s our  our list again – this time in order of absolute nightmare Boss-ness….

  1. Martyr Logarious, Bloodborne
  2. Braska’s Final Aeon, Final Fantasy X
  3. Laura, The Evil Within
  4. The End, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
  5. Hans Volter, Killing Floor 2

Agree? Add a comment if you have a better badder Boss to suggest…

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