Awesome Unknown*: BigFest

In today’s saturated market, it’s easier for indie titles to slip under the radar – especially when they’re to be released exclusively on a washed-up, unpopular system.

BigFest, the concert-management simulator developed by On the Metal, was recently sent out on stage to satisfy the PlayStation Vita’s hungry crowd. With first-party support from Sony XDev Studios, you’d half expect the game to be a roaring success with cheers from fans all over. Unfortunately, it appears as though the game has been booed off before the audience has even heard its voice.

Despite its fresh, booming premise, BigFest closely resembles management simulators of old. The foundation laid out by Bullfrog Productions is still intact; you run a business, earn, buy, build, and manage resources to expand your project. Those familiar with the “Theme Park” and “Theme Hospital” games will feel right at home personalising their own music festivals.

What really distinguishes BigFest from the other acts is found within its unique concept and experimentation with online connectivity. Taking on the role of the promoter, it’s the player’s job to hire musicians for their festival. As the game utilises Jamendo, the “largest free music platform in the world,” every song featured belongs to a real-life unsigned artist. This means real music played to a virtual crowd – a dream come true for the musicians if nothing else. The in-game music catalogue is also promising, allowing you to download more tracks to keep your festival fresh. However, discovering new talent and beefing up your own personal line-up is only half the fun.

By Kerry Lee Copsey


Sony PS Vita [New Slim 2014 version] (PlayStation Vita)

*Ok, yes – we realise our ‘Awesome Unknown’ series doesn’t mean completely and utterly unknown games. But ‘Awesome Lesser Known’ just sounded a bit rubbish…

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