Nina Williams revealed for Tekken 7

Tekken 7, like other Tekken games, boasts an impressive roster – and many characters have already been announced for the next instalment of the popular fighting game, including some newcomers to the series. However some of the regulars have yet to make an appearance.

However fans will be relieved to learn that series regular and fans’ favourite Nina Williams will be joining Tekken 7. Nina Williams has featured in all the Tekken games and even has her own game – ‘Death by Degrees’.

The character usually rocks a combat suit but this time, she has donned a wedding dress.


Nina’s new costume does raise some questions. Is Nina married? Is the costume part of a hit contract she has been given? Or are Namco going all Kill Bill?

Nina was announced alongside the news that Tekken 7 will appear at the EVO Tournament 2016, starting July 15th, in Las Vegas.

Tekken 7 was officially announced for consoles at Sony’s press conference at Paris Games Week last year. No release date has been announced as of yet.

By Brandon Green

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