Lost gaming gem: The warriors

Talking of lost gaming gems, you must pay a visit to Rockstar’s iteration of Coney Island, courtesy of the 1979 cult classic; The Warriors. This title was released back in October 2005 on the masterful PlayStation 2. Excellently crafted brawls along with tense chase segments are just some of the components to this masterpiece. 

With it being a game based directly from a movie, you may find yourself going in with a grain of scepticism however prepare to be pleasantly, scratch that, extremely surprised. The Warriors throws you into the yet-to-be big time street gang who prowl the streets of Coney Island, dominating their “turf”.

Through the many hours of intense and extremely enjoyable fight segments is a compelling storyline, similar to the film. It puts you in the shoes of various members of the ruthless gang, even showing you the origins of the crew. It answers all of those questions that you asked yourself when you were watching the movie.

The seamless fighting is fluent and well-devised, perfect for a game of this nature. There are many things to do within the various stages of the game. The story shows the struggle of getting back home (the same storyline as the motion picture) along with the hardships that they face, mixed into all of this is the interesting concept of the origins of the gang.

There is more than just ruthlessly punching your enemies in the face, even though this never gets boring. There is an excellent companion system, something that was borrowed heavily in future titles from other developers. You can actively command your clique to punch people in the face for you!

Overall you won’t regret going back to give this a play. A cacophony of fighting styles and brutal beat-ups are just some of things that you’re missing out on. Crack open a can of nostalgia or even create new memories.

Try The Warriors. You don’t even have to watch the film… just play the damn game already!

By Joshua Rawlings



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