Lost gaming gem: Sonic CD

Sonic CD – a game about time travel, lost in time.

The plot is pretty simple: a girl has been kidnapped; save her. It’s a traditional Sonic game, with running and jumping aplenty as you’d expect, but time travel is a new key mechanic that is cleverly interspersed throughout all levels.

Posts are labelled ‘past’ and ‘future’ to indicate the desired direction of time travel, and it’s as easy (difficult) as maintaining speed for a few seconds to get there.

As the time period changes, the level layout can change too, and the level itself really does become alive, a truly dynamic aspect of the game.

Such new concepts are lost to time. Games nowadays have become too mundane and similar and there seem to be few new ideas being brought into the industry. Whereas Sonic CD was quite ahead of its time in terms of implementation. Level design was a big part of Sonic CD, in the later levels, careful planning and analysis of the level will allow for spots to ramp up speed and time travel with ease. The replay value was much higher than other games at the time with collectibles, multiple endings and cheat codes to keep players coming back to the game.

This game is one you can truly enjoy, whether it be by zipping across various landscapes at high speed, or taking in the levels at your own pace. But a game like this, bursting at the seams with innovation and creativity, has sadly been forgotten.

The game is currently available for purchase in digital format on the iTunes app store, Steam, PlayStation Store, Xbox Live Marketplace, and Amazon: Sonic CD

By Ebenezer Nkengfack

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