5 sidekicks you’ll like more than your real friends

There are the sidekicks that run around you talking rubbish. And there are sidekicks you never want to leave you; the ones that will have your back when the world is falling apart. These five are those.

Codsworth  Fallout 4


Robots often don’t have the charisma or personality to be valuable companions in video games, especially in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Fallout New Vegas saw the introduction of ED-E, a flying minibot, which could only communicate through different radio waves. Not exactly the best conversationalist.

Codsworth is the new robot companion in Fallout 4: your Mr. Handy that somehow survived the nuclear apocalypse and waited in your hometown of Sanctuary Hills for 210 years, with the faint hope that you’d return. With an eccentric British accent and a rather tactless way of handling delicate situations. His appreciation for nice gestures and actions that would provide you with good karma is endearing, while he strongly dislikes negative actions such as drug use, stealing and unnecessary killing. His loyalty and dedication to you, the Sole Survivor, is unbeatable.

By Ford James


Ellie The Last of Us

TLOU_Joel_and_Ellie_(Winter)Being born into a world where a Cordyceps brain infection has devastated mankind and taken over the majority of the population would be unnerving at best. It’s the only world Ellie has ever known, yet after being bitten at just fourteen years old and finding out she is the only known person to be immune to the Cordyceps disease, she manages to put on an incredibly brave face and stays strong in the dangers that the world now provides.

Fourteen-year-old girls in today’s age listen to Justin Bieber and bitch about their friends behind their backs. Ellie is being transported across the USA to a secret lab to be experimented on so they can try and find a cure. How she still manages to crack jokes and kill Infected when she is quite literally the most important person in the world is beyond me. Everyone can learn a lesson or two from Ellie.

By Ford James


Isabelle – Animal Crossing: New Leaf

IsabelleIn the latest Animal Crossing entry, you’re placed in the role of town mayor and a leader is nothing without their right-hand man/woman – or in this case, dog. Isabelle is both your secretary and best friend. More organised than your own mum, she runs the Town Hall, managing the residents and helping out with the town development.

She’s not the most reliable assistant, but that’s exactly what makes her so charming. You won’t help but find yourself attached this clumsy, absent-minded character. An example of this adorable personality can be witnessed in the Town Hall. If you approach the counter outside of working hours, she wakes up with a surprised look before acting embarrassed. Her dedication, hard-work and motivational speeches will soon make the two of you inseparable partners.

By Kerry-Lee Copsey


Rise Kujikawa – Persona 4

rise-kujikawa-open-armsRise makes the list because throughout the game, she develops a lot as a character. She starts off hating herself, and goes on a journey of self-discovery at an attempt to change who she is. By the end of the game, she acknowledges that she’s fine just the way she is.

Despite the lack of respect for herself, Rise actively goes out of the way to ensure that others are okay before herself and tries to seek out the best in others. She is very confident, and can come across as quite intimidating to others due to her overzealous personality, but underneath it all, she has a heart of gold. This is why we would like her as a real life friend.

By Meg Read


Drippy – Ni No Kuni

DrippyDrippy makes the list because he has a strong sense of familial loyalty. Starting off as a doll, he is brought to life by the main protagonist’s (Oliver’s) tears after he cries on him as a result of his mother’s death. He serves as the companion and guide for Oliver, taking him on a journey to his own world, in hopes of saving Oliver’s mother who has passed away in the real world. He also hopes that in doing this, Oliver can banish the evil in the fairy world at the same time.

We would like him as a real life friend because of his loyalty, compassion, and overall sense of protectiveness for those he cares about.

By Meg Read

Got your own suggestion for an awesome sidekick friend? Leave a comment and we’ll put together a Sidekicks Part Two.

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