Lost gaming gem: Time Splitters Future Perfect

Time_Splitters_Image_6Past-perfect for shooters fans.

Now I’m not going to go into some rant about the golden era of shooters or anything like that, but this as a shooter ticks all of the boxes for me.

Not to mention the co-op experience of the game – I remember playing this game for hours upon hours with my brother without tiring.

The game is essentially about Sergeant Cortez, a time-travelling marine who was originally from the 25th century. From the savage Second World War to a haunted mansion full of the living dead, his goal is to save the future by venturing into the past.

Now the mechanics. It is essentially your everyday shooter, with a large variety of weapons, health packs – yes health packs! None of this regenerating health rubbish. This game was a proper shooter, with a real challenge to it. The graphics were also very good for the time. I just remember really loving the overall aesthetic of this game, this may just be nostalgia?  No this game is still really good looking today. I could play through this beast of a game again easily.

Now back to the multiplayer aspects and other extras let’s say. There is a couch cooperative mode that most games of our generation lack (and really annoys me because some of my favourite gaming experiences are when I’m playing together with friends at a gathering). The second player plays as the partner which you see when playing single player, which is good rather than having two of the same characters roaming about. Finally there is a map editor which I had hours of fun on – playing different game modes with bots and friends was really enjoyable.

So if you have a PlayStation 2 or original Xbox give this game a go if you’re a true shooter fan you won’t regret it!

Ben Hardy

You may not be able to get this game from game retailers unless they specialise in the sale of old games but it is currently available on Amazon for either the original Xbox or the PlayStation 2: Timesplitters (PS2) & TimeSplitters 2 (Xbox)


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