The 5 best stick figure games

What struck us about every stick figure game is that they’re constrained by the aesthetics; there isn’t much room for creativity in the simple animations and art style associated with stick figures.

Many are just time wasters, maybe  while you’re waiting for another game to download, and it’s rare to find a stick figure game that people return to over and over. With that said, we’ve scoured the internet to find our favourite free stick figure games. Just don’t expect to find the next Bloodborne or Fallout 4 in this list.

1. N

NNinjaDue to the graphical limitations, for a stick figure game to be truly good it needs to excel in the other areas, and there’s one aspect of N that makes it one of the best free games around, let alone just in the stick figure category. Level design.

You play as a ninja with the same goal on each stage – activate the door switch and reach the open door to progress to the next area. As you progress, various traps and enemies are introduced such as homing missiles and mines, meaning your chosen route around each level might not be as straightforward as you think. If you’re a completionist and aim to collect all of the golden squares at the same time, then let’s just say good luck; you’ll need it.

N has just under 500 levels. That’s a hell of a lot of content, not to mention all the user-created levels you can find online via the use of Ned, the N level editor.

The success of N saw a remastered version called N+ released on Xbox Live Arcade, Nintendo DS and PSP, along with a complete sequel in N++ released on PlayStation 4 and Steam. There are some differences with N and N+, although very subtle, while the main selling point of N++ is it’s level count – currently standing at 2360.

With some massively difficult stages, N will keep you gripped for a long time – provided you don’t smash your fist through your monitor in the meantime.

Play here.

By Ford James

Henry Stickmin

henrystickminscreenshotcropped 5 STICKMAN GAMES

The most recent game in the Stickmin series, “Fleeing the Complex”, follows on with the nonsensical story that started with “Breaking the Bank”.

Yet again Henry Stickmin finds himself having to escape from another quite complex situation. Finding himself in high security prison called “The Wall”, the player must navigate their way through the variety of story paths in order to reach freedom.

It starts off by giving you four options, three of which branch off into three different paths. They eventually split off into two more story paths, resulting in a variety of endings.

Throughout the game, there are various things the player can do to unlock hidden secrets and medals. It’s up to the person playing to decide whether they want to unlock all the scenes and endings, but regardless of which route they take, there are destined to be more fails than successes. Each scene in the game has multiple fails, and there are up to 60 ways to fail in total. The fail screen always has some kind of sarcastic or witty comment, jokingly mocking the player for their failure before allowing them to go back and try again.

Players with a completionist aspect to their gameplay style, will enjoy gathering all the endings, all the fails and all the medals. No matter how you play the game it is guaranteed to be a great experience, even with all the nonsense.

Play here.

By Logan Riddell

Johnny Rocketfingers

1441501-85play-johnny-rocketfingers-2Stick-Figure games have limitations so there’s only so much that can be done to make them enjoyable and worth playing. There are various takes on this as some use blatant violence to grip the player whilst others try to incorporate some type of story, similar to other more developed games.

Johnny Rocketfingers is a short-but-snappy story-related stick-figure game. It’s ripe with humorous dialogue and cut scenes as well as some puzzles and action sequences. In terms of immersion, this is the best you’re going to get.

It all starts on one of Johnny’s binges in his local bar. A “damsel in distress” asks Johnny for help regarding her lost daughter. This sends Johnny on a manhunt or rather, a girl-hunt which eventually brings him to the low-life, gangster part of town.

There is a basic inventory system and some exploration at the start where you find different items and use them in a trial and error fashion – part of the puzzles.

Overall, Johnny Rocketfingers is a fun little sequence. I would call it a sequence or cinematic rather than a game however there is definitely some fun to be had.

Give it a whirl, you may just find yourself a gem here.

Play here.

By Josh Rawlings

I Saw Her Across The World

isawheracrosstheworldcropped 5 STICKMAN GAMES

Whilst there’s many a stick games on the internet that revolves around Zombies, none really branch away from the typical shoot ‘em up genre. However, I Saw Her Across the World does.

The game tells the love story of two zombies playing a game of tag in a zombie apocalyptic world. Whilst the gameplay is your typical 2D platformer, and there isn’t really nothing new to see it does still offer a good challenge. The platforming is solid, with a nice variety in puzzle objectives and enemy design.

The game gives off a somewhat cute charm and whilst the narrative feels like its written by younger person, it adds to the charm of the game. Additionally there’s some good comedy lines in there as well. The graphics don’t hold a candle to other flash games however they are able to hold their own and are simple enough to work. The game offers a fair bit of replayability with secrets and even multiple endings to find.

I Saw Her Across the World is the 3rd game in the acclaimed “i saw her standing there” series. Made by the now rebranded Curiobot Corporation who have recently been able to get the series onto Stream.

Play here.

By Liam Thomas

Fancy Pants Adventure 2


Stick figure games, by virtue of their nature, lend themselves to platformers. Many of them are slow and dull, however Fancy Pants Adventure 2 breaks the mould. Sporting fast paced, twitch reaction-based gameplay, Fancy Pants Adventure is a breath of fresh air in the genre.

Being the second in the series has given creator Brad Borne time to revise the controls and humour within the game. Of course it contains the standard tropes of jumping off enemy’s heads to kill them Mario style, however this isn’t required and will often break your flow if you spend too much time trying to do it.

Fancy Pants Adventure 2 has a great sense of style, from the animations of the player character to the upbeat background music. The game is all about making the player feel like they’re playing a hero whose nonchalance creates a relaxed atmosphere even while you’re speeding your way through the games varied levels.

Overall Fancy Pants Adventure 2 is a solid platformer with a great theme carried through the story and the animation, these things make the game perfect for taking some time out to play a chilled yet decently challenging platformer.

Play here.

By Chris Body

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