Awesome Unknown*: The Crew

Open world fun for racing fans

thecrewThe Crew is an open world racing game set in a large environment – and when I say large, I mean the map is the whole of America. Obviously not as in every single building from real life, but as in you can travel to all different parts of America, from New York to LA.

One of the features I liked about this game is that it had a back story to it. Most standard racing games don’t catch my attention – you’re just doing the same thing over and over, but I got attached to The Crew because of the back story of the character you play as.

This game was packed with content, and it requires the player to put plenty of time into the game to complete it. The races are always varied. Some races are your standard races – get First place and you’ll earn a specific reward; some challenges involve you escaping the cops in different ways, and the challenges can be as different as being required to knock over a certain amount of boxes in a set time. This makes the game interesting as I’m not doing the same thing over and over.

Other sweet aspects of the game are finding all the parts to different hidden cars – some old-time classic cars, and others hyper cars that are some of the best cars in the game. Online gameplay is satisfying to play as it offers different races and challenges to do against other players. It’s also interesting to see what cars other people have brought or found in the hidden places.

The game is a lost gem because many gamers might not have picked it up, or may have thought it to be a typical racing game without giving it a chance. I would highly recommend picking The Crew up as you will go away with a different view on racing games afterwards.

Adam Reeson

Available to buy and download on the Xbox One store and to buy box game via Amazon: The Crew (Xbox One)

*Ok, yes – we realise our ‘Awesome Unknown’ series doesn’t mean completely and utterly unknown games. But ‘Awesome Lesser Known’ just sounded a bit rubbish…

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