Preview: Shadow of the Beast

Great-looking reboot of cult classic


Shadow of Beast may be familiar to some people, the original action-adventure platform game was on the Amiga and became a cult classic. It had distinguished style that made it stand out. The game won two sequels, released in 1990 and 1992 respectively, but then was left in limbo until now.

A PS4 reimagining of the 1989 Amiga classic was announced during Gamescom 2013 as a PS4 exclusive which was to be developed by studio, Heavy Spectrum. The original developer was Refections and was published by Psygnosis. No-one was expecting this be announced – gamers thought Shadow of the Beast was a dormant, if not dead series.

What drew me to the game was the initial trailer. It looked different to all the other trailers that were shown at Gamescom and I was left wanting more. I saw some gameplay and it hooked me – the platforming, the setting, and the brutal combat all of it just appealed to me. I’ve watched multiple videos of gameplay and the more I see the more I want to play it.

I was lucky enough to get to go EGX last year and played many games while there, one of them was Shadow of the Beast. Finally, I got the chance to play the game I had been waiting so long to play.

First off, my God is it a beautiful looking game! The colours stand out; they are incredibly vibrant. According to one of the developer diaries, they said that they are aiming to make every level unique aesthetically. From what I played at EGX I definitely get that the developers are trying

The combat looks and feels fantastic and honestly it is more brutal than when I watched the gameplay videos. The combat was simplistic yet deeply satisfying. I was hacking away at enemies with a simple button press and then as I got a better grip of the game I was butchering them, ripping them apart – it was strangely fulfilling. I was really getting into Shadow of the Beast but my time was up and I really wanted to play more of it.

I’ve never gotten the chance to play the original games but this reboot has made want to play them now. Shadow of the Beast comes out March 2 and I for one cannot wait.

By Brandon Green

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