Review: Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain

A barrage of finely crafted elements fused by the Fox Engine


The Metal Gear Sold V: TPP is a sterling instalment in the franchise, possibly the best.

Starting with the gameplay mechanics, which are one of the game’s perfectly executed components, you are getting nothing short of what the title is promising: “tactical espionage operations”. It’s easy to see that the game’s core mechanics derive from a military context and after all, that is the basis of the game – you literally own and command your own private military army.

Time and time again, I found myself constantly rotating the camera around to focus in on Snake moving with such tactical prowess, braising his assault rifle across his leg whilst prowling around looking for that Soviet soldier to assassinate, or to find one of the many mixtapes within the game containing a 70s pop hit, courtesy of David Bowie. The soundtrack for MGSV: TPP is nothing short of amazing thanks to the cheesy yet brilliant musical taste of Hideo Kojima that we have seen in many of his other titles. They’re those type of songs where we don’t want to like them but we do and we cannot help it.

If there was ever an example of a game being worth the money, Metal Gear would be the star pupil. The game is rich with content including a cacophony of weapons and equipment for use in battle. During your first play-through you will find yourself hooked, exiling your social life for pastures new – these pastures being the sandy landscape of Afghanistan or the damp, tropical forests of Central Africa.

The story of the game is a confusing factor. If you’ve not played all of the previous Metal Gear games or indeed any then you may find yourself confused at points, specifically the prologue which involves a colossal being stalking you through hospital corridors and a unicorn (yes, a unicorn).

Side note, the voice acting is delivered in all its glory thanks to Kiefer Sutherland and his deep, war-torn voice which fits well with the context of the game.

During one of your many assaults on an enemy outpost, just take a second to marvel within the virtual world that you have at your disposal. Lay on a cliff-side whilst watching the world go-by or discreetly snipe at your enemies from a vast distance with your authentic hunting rifle. Unless of course you’re rich enough and have enough specialist staff on Mother Base to develop the state of the art semi-automatic sniper rifle to instantly wreak havoc on enemy territory.


Reverting back to the Fox Engine, the visuals are awe-inspiring. Whether you’re playing on PC, PS4 or Xbox One you’re in for some fantastic visuals combined with ground-breaking gameplay and a story rich experience, to an extent, that doesn’t hold back on showing controversial topics like child slavery and corruption within the global military sector.

Along with all of the above comes an exceptional component of game and for you animal lovers, the best one… D-Dog! Prepare for your heart to melt when you meet this canine companion.

Overall, the story is average. It shows promise at times but ultimately becomes dull. The gameplay is where it’s at with stunning mechanics and a perfect presentation which runs at a crisp, 1080p resolution and a buttery smooth frame rate on the PC.

A must buy.

By Joshua Rawlings



Available from multiple stores including Amazon: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – Standard Edition (PS4)


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