Preview: ‘Uncovered’ Final Fantasy XV event

Our wishlist for FF XV ‘Uncovered’ event.


Final Fantasy XV is arguably one of the most anticipated games this year. The long-in-development JRPG was originally announced way back in 2006 under the name Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

However, Versus XIII didn’t even get half way through development before Square Enix decided to change the name of the game to Final Fantasy XV. Versus XIII was originally in development for PS3 but Final Fantasy XV is in development for PS4 and Xbox One. To say that Final Fantasy XV has had a long, strained and difficult development cycle would be an understatement.

But, finally, Final Fantasy XV is almost with us. Director Hajime Tabata confirmed last year that the game will release in 2016. Tabata has reassured fans multiple times that the game will release this year.

A Final Fantasy XV event later this mont – ‘Uncovered’ Final Fantasy XV – will give gamers a bigger look, a deeper insight into the game. Most importantly – we’ll get a release date.

There’ll be a ton of new information announced at the event, so let’s speculate what we might see.

  • More background on Noctis and crew.


Now we already know a fair bit about Noctis, but what about Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto? We know that they are all good friends and they look out for each other but we don’t know much about their background. We are going to be spending a lot of time with these characters, so we want them to be interesting!

  • Cor Leonis

Since Versus XIII, fans have wanted to know more about Cor. He’s older than everyone else in the group and he seems to spend a lot of time with them. Is he a good friend, bodyguard to Noctis or has Cor been sent by King Regis to watch over the group and keep them in check? Cor is a character that gamers have been wanting to see more of. Is it possible that Square have been holding footage of him back, just for the March event?

  • Luna


One of the main female characters in the game and central to the story. The character was originally called Stella but was changed during the transition from Versus XIII. Luna has been said to be a strong character and not a helpless damsel in distress. We know that Luna and Noctis are heavily connected, so more information on the character will be fantastic.

  • Big locations, cities (like Altissia and Lucis)

We want a glimpse at Altissia in-game – how does it look and how big is it? For those who don’t remember Altissia, look at the E3 2013 trailer. In the trailer we saw the city and it looked beautiful. We also saw a big creature of which has been speculated to be ‘Leviathan’ however it has not been confirmed. Some gameplay in the city of Insomnia would be nice  too because, as with Altissia, we have not seen much of it.


  • Classic Final Fantasy characters and enemies

Cid, where is he, we need to see Cid! Moogles has now been confirmed to be in the game. Their inclusion is thanks to an online poll,so let’s see them in-game. That leaves Tonberries, please Square show us a Tonberry or at least confirm their existence in the game.

Now hang on, there’s something missing. Of course, ‘CACTUARS’. One of the most iconic creatures in Final Fantasy are Cactuars, show them off Square!

The ‘Uncovered’ Final Fantasy XV event is happening March 31st and will be livestreamed on Twitch and YouTube. The event will be held at 7pm PST and 3am GMT.

 By Brandon Green 



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