Preview: Unravel

unravelPuzzle-rich yarn for Scandi indies.

Unravel is a highly anticipated side-scroller, with physics-based puzzles developed by Swedish indie studio Coldwood Interactive. Releasing on 9th February for Xbox One, PS4 and PC, it follows the story of Yarny, an adorable little character made out of well… yarn.

The objective is to complete puzzles using the string that he’s made out of as it constantly flows from behind you, but you’re limited to a finite amount. Players are encouraged to get creative with their puzzle solving skills with the simple aim of not running out of yarn!

There is no dialogue throughout the game, instead the story is told through action and movements that Yarny makes. The single piece of yarn that he is made from, and how he must use it to get to where he wants, represents the basis of Unravel’s story, a family that have become separated from each other and Yarny is the thread that will tie them back together again.

Coldwood Interactive say they have based the visually stunning locations on their home country in Northern Scandinavia. The 2.5D visuals take the player from humble garden and forest settings to junkyards and ice caves. Each bring their own unique set of puzzles and obstacles to overcome, such as dodging crows as they try to swoop you up or avoiding getting squished by moving cars on a dirt road.

Unravel came runner-up for ‘Best Platformer’ at E3 2015 where it was first unveiled to the public and is set to be a big success for the indie developers, who in the past have developed games such as Move Fitness and The Fight: Lights Out for PS3.

Based in Umea, North Sweden and founded in 2003 by a small group of passionate and veteran gamers, Coldwood Interactive are still experimenting with different genres of games but as far as expectations go for Unravel, this could be their best work to date.

Unravel [PC Origin – Instant Access]

By Molly Colyer

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