Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event

Well it happened, it’s been and gone and oh boy what a show it was! The Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event happened on March 30 and Square Enix went all out with this one.

Where to begin, there was so much announced at the event and all of it good and on different levels of awesomeness. Let’s start off with how big Final Fantasy XV is. The answer, very big, huge. I’m not talking about the world, I’m talking about Final Fantasy XV itself. Final Fantasy XV has a universe, much like FF VII.


At the event Square Enix announced an anime called Brotherhood, a full feature length CGI movie called Kingsglaive and a mini game that is FF XV that is also a game for iOS and Android called Justice Monsters V. They covered pretty much everything, just like they did for FF VII.

First of all let’s talk about the anime. The anime Brotherhood (which is rather fitting, given the theme of the game) acts as a prequel of sorts to the game itself. There will be five episodes, all released before the game releases. All episodes of the anime can be watched online on YouTube and they will all be free. The first episode is actually pretty good:


The CGI movie looks beyond good, it looks photorealistic. The movie focuses on King Regis and his royal guard, the Kings Glaive, whilst Noctis and the gang make their way to see Luna. It’s going to be action-packed if the trailer is anything to go by. The film also features some high profile names doing voices for the film such as Sean Bean (Game of Thrones), Lena Headley (Game of Thrones), and Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad). A pretty high profile cast and Square even partnered with Audi to make a one-of-a-kind car. (Don’t bank on getting it, just saying.)


If Kingsglaive is as good as Final Fantasy VII’s movie, Advent Children, then we are in for real treat.

Then they showed off a mini game, which is pinball game with a twist. The mini game, called Justice Monsters V, is also an iOS and Android game as well. I’m definitely going to give it a go.

They also announced a new demo which lets you play as a young Noctis as you follow your magical companion through the demo. The demo lets you try out a few of the new mechanics of the game such as the new combat system, driving and magic. I’ve played the demo so you can find out what I thought about it soon.


Then there is the game itself which looks beautiful and breathtaking. Final Fantasy XV looks absolutely phenomenal. The gameplay they showed was awesome: the Chocobos (which drifted, Final Fantasy: Chocobo Drift, yeah I’ll see myself out), the new combat system continues to impress, new enemies, Leviathan and of course Titan.

However I have to talk about the game’s world. It is huge, gigantic. When I saw the trailer and the gameplay I was left in awe by many things, one of them was the vastness of the world. At numerous points, you could see for miles upon miles of this vast open world and the best thing – you can explore all of it.

However something that dropped the jaws of many at the event and those watching online was the car turning into a plane. (I’m not kidding) So many people at the event screamed with happiness when the car began to fly, nobody expected it.


The Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event was everything it needed to be. It did everything right and it would have been a lot better if it wasn’t for the leaks.

Nevertheless Square Enix have shown its going all out for Final Fantasy XV which is good. Final Fantasy needs another big push, another big entry like Final Fantasy VII and Square Enix are doing that with Final Fantasy XV by being ambitious and building a universe around the game. Also, if the series creator Hironobu Sakaguchi and series former composer Nobuo Uematsu give Final Fantasy XV their blessing, then you know that the game is doing something right.

Are you hyped for Final Fantasy XV because I sure am!

By Brandon Green

Brandon chibi upright

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