10 really good, truly FREE games

Have you ever been in a state of bankruptcy yet had a burning desire to play an amazing game, despite not being able to afford that Triple-A price point? Looking for an amazing game for next to no money? Think that a great free game is just a myth? Sick of being recommended to play Runescape? Well say no more – here are ten free games with a rich and deep profile.


warframeWarframe, published and developed by Digital Extremes, took a huge spike in popularity due to the amount of effort and quality pumped into it. At the time it was the best of the best when it came to free-to-play games, and once the online market Steam picked it up it only gained traction in the industry. It’s a third-person-action-shooter with a focus on cooperative gameplay and, to top it all off, you play as a cyborg ninja. A Warframe is a suit of armour that changes your abilities in game, from a hulking frost-powered suit to a super-fast suit blinking round the map.

Despite the gorgeous graphics and huge amount of things to do, the game remains truly free. The game does incorporate a buyable in-game currency, however everything can be acquired through just playing the game. Though some may say the grind is unenjoyable I, however, would disagree. As someone who has paid for in-game currency before, having everything with nothing to work for removes a lot of purpose from the game.

You should play this game because there is no reason not to, it is fun from the get go and the game does not once make you believe that you’re playing a free-to-play game. From the immersive and in depth gameplay to the wide variety of choice available in game, the game screams sophistication. On top of that the developers are always listening to their fans and updates are frequent and well received.

Warframe is available at their website and on Steam

Zander Padwick


If there are any awards for game series that have spread across more systems  then other franchise, Kingdom Hearts would win that award in a landslide. The release of Square Enix’s mobile game, Kingdom Hearts Unchained (X), has already had over 5,000,000 installations due to the series’ immense popularity.

Developed in collaboration with SUCCESS, their experience in creating vibrant 2D worlds helps greatly in bringing the fantasy action of Kingdom Hearts to smaller screens. The game is a turn-based JRPG which utilises collectible medals that unleash a variety of magical attacks. Players take their customisable avatars through various Disney-themed worlds as they join their own guild and compete with other players. The game is made to be a free mobile game but with micro-transactions included.

The difference with this compared to other mobile games, is that you don’t really need to buy anything. With games like Candy Crush, they force you pay up before you can continue your sugar-filled adventure. This game gives you in-game currency in the form of jewels which you can earn and save up through a variety of missions, eliminating the need to use your actual money. Well, unless you’re a little impatient and can’t wait.

If you do have willpower to slowly raise your jewels instead of wasting £30 on medal packs, then this game can offer a truly rewarding experience without the need to spend a penny. The massive variety of medals to collect and the expansive missions can offer a more than fair experience that can keep you entertained for months. With new and exciting events taking place every week, there is always something to come back to.

Kingdom Hearts Unchained (X) is available for IOS, Android.

Josh Boast



Created by California developer Riot Games, League of legends is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) released in 2009. In the seven years since its release, League of Legends has become the most-played game in the world with over 100m players a month. It has also become an e-sports powerhouse, with 36 million unique viewers watching the finals between SKT and Koo Tigers.

League of Legends’ micro transactions are limited to champions and cosmetic changes, account features (such as name changes and server transfers) and runes which slightly adjust your champions in games. While being able to buy runes may sound bad initially, Riot games avoids League of Legends becoming pay to win by implementing an in game currency system which allows players to earn currency in order to buy champions and runes.

League of Legends is a hugely popular game for good reason, the 134 unique champions provide immense depth for player willing to dive into the character pool. This alongside the consistent updates with patches that adjusts the way the game plays both at a casual and professional level, helping to keep the game fresh. If you don’t want to spend a penny the game is 100% free, though League of legends has optional micro-transactions for players who want to make their favourite champion a little shinier.

You can download League of Legends at their website

Connor Makar


Sometimes you just want to explore, and what better place the explore than a vast active warzone. Planetside 2 provides just that experience, with Daybreak Game Company providing four huge maps to fights your way around as you admire the views from the sights of your rifle.

After choosing one of three factions and a class, you are let loose into the world, ready to make your way to the frontlines on the ground or through the skies in a wide variety of vehicles. While the war never ends on the Planetside, you are able to force your opponents out of a map through your sheer dominance. Clearing them out of a region and securing it for yourself, while providing boosts for your teammates on other the other continents.

The four continents brimming with diverse landscape that Planetside 2 calls maps are all free to explore and fight your way around. Each point being a potential for a massive player conflict as the three factions clash for control. While you are free to fight to your heart’s content, earning upgrades and new weapons as you conquer, there are weapons which fetch a higher price tag. While everything can be earned through in game grinding, the fanciest of skins and instant unlocking of weapons and attachments is reserved for Planetside’s premium currency.

Planetside 2 provides a phenomenal first person shooter experience for free. Allowing you to band together with your teammates and friends to create epic war stories that will define your playing experience. Recalling the most epic tales and grizzled war stories that will stay with you long after the joy of playing.

Planetside 2 can be picked up on Steam and on PlayStation 4

Alex Atkin


kittyNeko Atsume: Kitty Collector (developed by Hit-Point) is a fun game for iOS and Android where you put out food, furniture, and toys in a virtual garden in order to attract some feline friends. Cats will gather while the app is closed and will be waiting for you when you return, allowing you to share in the fun. In exchange for your generosity, your cat guests will reward you with either silver or gold “fish” which, in turn, you can use to buy more objects for your garden. The happiest cats will eventually reward you with mementos – little tokens that show just how much they love you.

While Neko Atsume does allow the player to purchase items within the game, these in-game transactions aren’t required to fully complete the game, thus making Neko Atsume a truly free game. All you need is patience, toys, and a few bowls of food and you’ll be making furry friends in no time.

With its charming little quirks such as the ability to take photos of the cats playing, the cheery background music, and the adorable animations that accompany a playing cat, Neko Atsume is the kind of game that’s sure to melt the heart of even the most devout dog lover. After all, who can say no to free cats?

Download it here: iTunes Store / Google Play Store

Ash Worrall


hearthstone“Welcome to the Inn” That familiar Dwarf offering, an invitation into the game. It embodies that friendly Dwarven attitude. Hearthstone is another successful franchise strapped firmly beneath Blizzard’s bulging belt of hit games.

It’s a take on an online strategy card game like Magic the Gathering except it incorporates all of World of Warcraft’s major characters. And sometimes not so major characters when you hear “mgrlllmgrlrrr” as once again a Warlock swamps the board in murlocs. You might think that cheap murloc tactics like these would ruin the game, but instead they create awe-inspiring plays that both you and opponent can both enjoy as the murlocs multiply. There’s even hundreds of popular Hearthstone ‘Amazing plays’ montages on Youtube if you fancy wasting some time.

Surprisingly Blizzard keep the core game entirely free to play, although later down the line they implemented expeditions which were akin to storyline with exclusive reward cards. The main cards can all be acquired through just playing the game. It has a very strong core and the developers are always improving the game tweaking cards frequently to create a balanced experience. It’s easy to get into and incredibly fun unfortunately it’s not so easy to get out.

You can grab Hearthstone on most IOS, Android and PC

Zander Padwick


Paragon, a MOBA worth talking about. A free-to-play fully capable battle arena possibly being looked at as the next best alternative to League of legends. An Epic Games product taking cross-platform gaming by storm with a company best known for their dominant position, mostly thanks to their well-known Gears of War franchise. Having done an outstanding job at bringing competitive MOBA gameplay of a solid quality to the world of online gaming.

For a game that was in beta only a few months ago to being a serious contender for a top MOBA spot, it’s fair to say that Epic Games have done well to earn some breathing room while this game’s popularity continues to rise across both Playstation and PC platforms.

With profit coming from micro transactions, they are able to make this game completely free with dedicated servers without the worry of losing players to poor marketing decisions because a game like this is more reliant on player value over sales as the full game is free.

With its simple learning process and bot games available, it’s hard not to get stuck in. If not for real life commitments, players would find themselves glued into this portal of auto-attacks and ultimates. The easy learning process is what pushed this game to become a top MOBA. It’s for anyone who enjoys classic MOBA-style gameplay, especially PS4 players who may not have expensive gaming take part in the action and compete against some of the elite players across the globe and across all platforms.

You can play it on PS4 and PC, from here.

Rio Dawkins



Grasshopper Manufacturers have a tendency for crazy and surreal adventures, Let It Die is no exception. From zombie-killing cheerleaders like Lollipop chainsaw to the cool, lightsabre kid in No More Heroes. Now, you can choose your own genetically-mutated character in this wacky, apocalyptic role-playing game, exclusive to PlayStation 4.

After a massive, cataclysmic event which has almost annihilated the world, a strange Tower of Barbs rests on a fog-filled island riddled with monsters and mystery. In this dungeon crawling, hack-and-slash, you and many other players must explore this psychotic place as you defeat enemies and loot whatever they have to become deadlier than ever. There is also this groovy, skate-boarding skeleton that just follows you around and doesn’t give a damn about the fourth wall.

Apparently the game was originally intended to involve the use of a smartphone app. This app adds to the multiplayer content of the original idea. Now, with the help of crazy game developer, Suda51, the change was made to a fully-playable console game with the multiplayer elements included. Unfortunately, if your character dies in the game, then that’s it. You’re done. You have to start all over from the beginning. You can spend real money to bring your character to life again, but surprisingly there are in-game mechanics to help you recover the hours of level grinding, making these micro-transactions completely optional.

What makes this game both fun and dangerous, is that when your character dies, they actually turn into real, deadly enemies. Either within your own game or someone else’s. The tower of Barbs offers many challenges for players. Some even of their own making.

You can download Let it Die, for free, only on PlayStation 4.

Josh Boast


pathexilePath of exile is a top down dungeon crawler developed by Grinding Gear Games. Inspired by Blizzards Diablo series it was released in 2013 and has been kept fresh with oodles of updates. For example, The Breach update added new areas for players to explore alongside Breach-levelling events where players can race against each other to reach level cap.

Path of Exile has all the elements of a classic dungeon crawler such as open areas with hidden treasure and side quests with multiple possible resolutions. Despite its free-to-play model, it maintains this quality throughout the game without resorting to a pay-to-win business model. Path of Exile limits its micro-transactions to cosmetic effects, hideout decorations and bag space. This design decision from the developers makes sure that players will start on an even playing field when competing in challenges, both new and experienced players gain no advantage over each other by spending money.

Path of Exile allows for anyone to challenge themselves in an old fashioned dungeon crawler, it’s unapologetic about its difficulty and rewards players willing to dedicate time into overcoming its hurdles. Its passive skill tree contains 1325 unique skills that allows for an experience shaped around your style of play. The sheer quantity of game you get for no monetary investment makes Path of Exile more than worth your time.

You can download it on steam or on their website

Connor Makar


impossiblequizThe Impossible Quiz, contrary to its name, is not actually impossible. A better name for it could be “The Ridiculously Convoluted and Time Consuming Quiz”, given that the quiz’s answers are based either on ridiculous leaps of logic, terrible puns, or plainly stating the obvious, but “The Impossible Quiz” succinctly summarises the game’s madness in just three words.

Created by Splapp-me-do, the game is free in all senses of the word. It requires only a browser and an internet connection to play (although it’s also available on iOS for free, albeit with slightly different questions than the original browser version). At first, the game seems ludicrous and, to state the obvious, impossible, but with time and persistence you’ll eventually come to realise that although a match can’t box, a tin can.

It could be argued that The Impossible Quiz is the paragon of all quizzes. The game cares not for how smart you are, or how tough you are, or even how courageous you are – it exists only to test how much lunacy you can endure before breaking. Or how well you can remember internet memes from 2007. Either way, make sure to take some deep breaths before diving in, because once you start it’s almost impossible to quit.

Note: The Impossible Quiz contains strong language and profanity and, as such, it’s not recommended for anyone under the age of 13.

Play it here: NotDoppler / iTunes Store

Ash Worrall

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