Awesome Unknown: The Cave


The last thing I expected to happen when buying this game was to be taught morals by an omnipotent crevice. The Cave allows you to spelunk as three of seven characters and traverse sections that are unique to each character, supposedly teaching each one a lesson on why killing people to get what you want is often a bad idea.

Each character’s storylines are detailed through various collectables scattered throughout the very beautiful, but eccentric levels. The levels are one small part of what makes this game so interesting as you can be left wondering how someone managed to build a mountain or Victorian London several thousand meters underground. Despite this the levels still retain a cave-like appearance even when in an area like a carnival. The levels that you end up playing through depend on the characters that you pick before you walk through the story, and each level details the mistake that the character could make if they don’t learn their lesson by the end of the game.

The stories are mostly what makes this game so good. Each story details the character’s flaws before you get to the final moment. The pivotal point where you decide whether or not they stay flawed. Each story is so unique as well which makes you feel compassion towards each character, even if some of them could end up being violent murdering psychopaths. All of the main plot points for the characters are told through illustrations and a single caption for each image while still managing to deliver the impact of surprising moments.

Overall, this game is special because of its story. Despite being a puzzle game, it still manages to deliver seven well-written and detailed stories with very little effort being put into the story telling itself. The levels also improve the game by adding a great deal of detail to certain characters’ backgrounds as well as adding interesting intervals to some of the more straight-forward segments of the game. Both of these parts working in unison allow for a very entertaining game about an omnipotent crevice.

Luke Macpherson

On PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U

Available for purchase via: Steam, The Cave on Amazon and console-specific stores (E-shop etc.)

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