12 games that really should be made into movies (unlike Assassin’s Creed)

With the release of Assassin’s Creed and yet another decent game turned into an underwhelming film, here are 12 games that we believe deserve a movie adaptation.

Mass Effect 3


With the newest Mass Effect game on the horizon, it’s time to talk about why this series would make a brilliant feature length film. In particular, Mass Effect 3. There has already been an animated film released, however it never had an all-glorious public cinema release.

The Mass Effect story follows Commander Shepard, a military commander who encounters an unstoppable force that’s making its way towards earth. Knowing Earth has no way of defending itself against a destructive force this great, Shepard desperately forms a crew and launches into space to try to create an alliance with other intelligent life forms hoping that their collective military forces will be enough to defend the planet.

Mass Effect’s gripping storyline filled with unexpected plot twists had players hooked until its completion. The game’s huge amount of depth and character development is what makes Mass Effect special. If adapted correctly, this would make an emotionally gripping, rich and thrilling movie. One well worth a cinema release.

There has been a film in development since 2009, however producer Avi Arad commented that because the game is focused on speaking with hundreds of different in-depth characters and races forming relationships, it is very difficult to adapt the game into a two-hour feature film without cutting a lot of character development (which is what makes the game special). Because of this, it could still be several years until the film’s release.

With the game being backwards compatible on Xbox One, you can purchase it for the Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3.

Xbox 360: Mass Effect 3 PC: Mass Effect 3 (PC DVD) PlayStation 3: Mass Effect 3 (PS3)

Connor Ferguson

Watch Dogs


The widely successful title Watch Dogs follows a character called Aiden Pierce. Aiden is a vigilante hacker who attempts to hack into a system called ctOS (Central Operating System), but accidently stumbles into a database owned by the mob filled with blackmail against political leaders.

As a result, the mob attempted to assassinate Aiden, however the hit fails and instead they ended up accidentally killing Aiden’s niece. Filled with anger and seeking answers, Aiden uses his hacking ability to track down the hitman and individual who called the hit in a thrill-seeking adventure. During your journey you expose human trafficking rings and other illegal activities giving you a notorious public reputation.

Its emotionally charged storyline-driven gameplay offers countless opportunities for a producer to adapt key driven points into a film feature, while still offering plenty of opportunities for interpretation to the producer (such as diving into Aiden’s declining mental state). Aiden’s emotions of guilt and anger because his actions led to the assassination of his niece could be interpreted in a film a little deeper than the game itself shows. This could result in a rich, entertaining film feature to hit cinema that would complement the game well.

Available on Amazon: Watch Dogs Complete (PS4)

Connor Ferguson

Red Dead Redemption


Red Dead Redemption, the open world western action adventure game developed by Rockstar San Diego and published by Rockstar Games.

It takes place in 1911 during the decline of the American Frontier. The story follows John Marston, a former outlaw whose wife and son have been taken hostage by the Bureau of Investigation until John tracks down and murders his three former gang members.

Western films have been established in the film industry from 1894 with silent western films to 2016 with Chris Pratts’ The Magnificent Seven. Red Dead Redemption could be a valuable addition to this genre of films with its variety of characters that you grow to care about, and an engaging story including twists and turns throughout, until the emotional ending.

However, there are currently no plans in the works to adapt this critically-acclaimed game into a feature length movie but never say never.

Available for PS3: Red Dead Redemption – Game of The Year Edition (PS3) and XBox 360: Red Dead Redemption (Xbox 360)

Liam Waddington

Devil May Cry


Devil May Cry, the action-adventure hack and slash video series developed and published by Capcom could transfer over to the big screen to create a witty and hilarious action film.

The story of Devil May Cry follows protagonist Dante, who throughout the first four games is a mercenary and demon hunter. Dante is the son of Sparda, a demon with immense power and due to his heritage, Dante possesses super-human abilities. His sole mission is to eradicate all demons from earth and avenge to death of his mother and corruption of his brother.

The storyline from Devil May Cry 3 centres on the dysfunctional relationship between Dante and his brother Vergil, which concludes with one final fight between Dante and Vergil in the demonic world. This storyline would aid in creating a good film for both fans of the game series and newcomers with the humorous but action-packed interactions between the two brothers. Devil May Cry could be a successful film with the similarities between it and the hugely successful Deadpool and Resident Evil film series.

In 2011, Capcom announced Screen Gems, the company behind the Resident Evil films, had bought the film rights to Devil May Cry, so this game -to-film adaptation is possibly in the coming future.

Devil May Cry is available on PS3: Devil May Cry HD Collection – Playstation 3 by Capcom
and XBox 360: Devil May Cry HD Collection (Xbox 360)

Liam Waddington

Legend of Kay


Legend of Kay should be made into an animated film as it would be a family friendly property, with strong narratively driven characters. The anthropomorphic cast would be appealing as the art style is adorable and bears a close resemblance to Pixar films. Writing and dialogue is charming and child appropriate but has the gags with adult innuendos.

A film about a cat called Kay that learns martial arts and embarks on a self-appointed journey across the lands to protect his homeland, Yenching Island, from being totally conquered from the gorilla and rat invaders.

Kay is an interesting character with a rebellious and brash side but a strong moral compass. This makes for a good character dynamic and increases as he develops further into the game. It also helps that he is a complete badass who is proficient with multiple weapons, making for epic fight sequences.

The game features a number of strong supporting characters. Namely Kay’s childhood friend Su Ling. A strong female character who starts her own revolution against the tyrant. There is an element of romance as Su Ling is Kay’s love interest but doesn’t turn her into the trope of damsel in distress.

The Legend of Kay is action-packed and comes with plenty of set pieces to keep players and potential movie goers interested. Ranging from villages being burnt to the ground whilst Kay traverses through the burning building and saving people, to a giant boss fight in a typical evil mastermind’s lair in a volcano.

A Legend of Kay movie would have friendly art style, cool fight scenes with epic set pieces. Add strong characters with a deep background and story would naturally translate to the big screen. Additionally, if it became a movie, some awesome action figures would follow.

Buy on Steam here, or Playstation store here.

Paddy Innis

The Saboteur


The Saboteur would make a phenomenal film as it features every convention of an action film under the sun. A wise cracking smart-arse protagonist who is mysteriously an expert at brawling and shooting. Also featuring exciting driving sequences, explosions a ‘plenty, Nazi killing and beautiful kick-arse women that put any Bond girl to shame.

The Saboteur is about an Irish mechanic Sean who gets robbed of first place in a race against Nazi Colonel Kurt Dierker. In retaliation, Sean and his best friend Jules drive his car into a river. Dierker captures the both of them and kills Jules. From that point on, Sean swears revenge on Dierker and the Nazis and aims to remove them from occupied France.

As the name would suggest, Sean is a master at destruction. Being able to handle any weapon with expert marksmanship. Mowing down his enemies without hesitation. The armoury doesn’t stop at guns, there is also a myriad of explosives. Sean’s knowledge of explosives allow him to blow up anything and create mind-boggling set pieces. Imagine watching a film where somebody straps C4 to their car, dives out and it crashes into a fuel depot and a fire ball the same size as a city block consumes everything. The largest set piece is a zeppelin that catches fire whilst the protagonist is inside and in order to escape, they use interior cabling to zip-line from one side to the other.

Being a race car driver, driving plays a huge part to the game and could equate to some legendary car chases, or just allow the opportunity to show off Nazi-occupied France.

The Saboteur would just make for one of the craziest, balls-to-the-walls action films. It would be a massively expensive film but go big or go home.

Buy the game here and here: The Saboteur (PC DVD)

Paddy Innis

Metro 2033


Based on the trilogy of novels by Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky, the two Metro games are well-regarded for their unique and terrifying post-apocalyptic setting. Glukhovsky’s vision of the gloomy, claustrophobic tunnels of the Moscow subway as a refuge for mankind’s remnants was certainly done justice by the two video games, but there is much of this beautifully bleak universe left to explore. The last of humanity clinging to survival underground against mutants, rival station factions and the mysterious Dark Ones would make for an unrelentingly grim dark fantasy flick.

The story follows Artyom, a young man raised in the confines of the Metro as he leaves his home station to seek help from the other stations against the impending threat of the supernatural Dark Ones. The backdrop of a brewing war between the Fascist and Communist parties of the Metro, along with a thick layer of mystery over the history of the tunnels and the true nature of the Dark Ones, just waiting to be uncovered on the big screen.

With stunning visual design including bloodthirsty mutants, makeshift shanty towns filled with starving citizens and filthy, haunted tunnels, the hideous beauty of Metro 2033’s universe is crying out for a movie adaptation to bring it to life. The costumes, props and lighting effects seen in the games could stun the audience like nothing else if put in the hands of the right director. As the final novel released in June 2015 and a movie based on the books is already in development by Michael De Luca, the time for a live-action feature based on the games is nigh.

Available on Steam here

Ronnie Whitelock

Life is Strange

Life Is Strange™_20150202020852

Life is Strange is an incredible story-based adventure game with a strong cast, plot and overall visual style. An interactive drama that would be absolutely perfect for the big screen.

A tale of nostalgia, friendship and identity, Life is Strange centres around young Maxine Caulfield as she struggles to cope with her newfound ability to rewind time and the consequences of doing so. A large and varied cast of memorable characters, a grounded yet fantastical setting and a heart-wrenching plot of intrigue makes Life is Strange the perfect choice for a movie adaptation.

Set in the fictional Oregon town of Arcadia Bay, Life is Strange follows Max, a college freshman who discovers that she can reverse time at will after witnessing her friend Chloe get shot in a bathroom and saving her. From there follows a journey of character development, mystery and time-bending. The script is simply phenomenal, and all that’s needed is the right actors and director to bring the world of Life is Strange to life.

With a broad and diverse gallery of characters and memorable locations, Arcadia Bay is more memorable than most fictional towns thanks to its design and its populace. From the stereotypical High school dichotomy of Blackwell Academy to the Twin Peaks–esque Two Whales Diner, every location is memorable and warm and would be sublime if done justice on the silver screen.

Available on the Official Website here

Ronnie Whitelock

Fallout 4


One of 2015’s biggest and most anticipated releases is a suitable blueprint for crafting a big budget action movie. The Fallout series’ most recent entry already has some components that could easily be translated into a cinematic experience.

The commonwealth: an alternate reality city based upon Boston would be an ideal setting for an action adventure. Even the main story of the game, a parent on a quest to find their missing child in an unforgiving post-apocalyptic wasteland is a simple enough plot that anyone can get behind.

The various monstrosities that populate the Commonwealth would provide menacing foes for the protagonist to face in their adventures throughout the story. Battles between the various factions that vie for control in the world of Fallout 4 are simply asking to be recreated in cinematic action set pieces; just the thought of armour-clad Brotherhood of Steel Paladins fighting it out against hideous Super Mutants on the big screen is tantalising.

Though rumours have been swirling for a while now about the possibilities of a Fallout movie, Todd Howard one of the directors behind Fallout 4, said it may still happen. Although he did express concerns over the viability of the idea and how it will influence opinions of the video game franchise in an interview with GI.biz.

Available for PS4 at Amazon: Fallout 4 (PS4) and on Steam here

Patrick Nolan

The Witcher 1/2/3


Though a shoddily assembled mess of a movie was released in 2001 called Hexer, based upon the Andrzej Sapkowski books; a movie based upon the adventures of Geralt of Rivia from the Witcher video game series would likely be more successful.

The series of games is well-known for how well it portrays the characters within it, Geralt especially is written to be charismatic and likeable with his trademark dry wit and frequent use of sarcasm. In the third entry of the series, the relationship between Geralt and his romantic interest Yennefer is especially endearing and would be interesting to see that on screen.

Witcher is also known for the unique fighting style the characters’ employ in battle, which was animated astoundingly within The Witcher 3. This could only be improved with choreography of fights with trained actors filling the roles of characters. Furthermore, the possibility that many of the designs used for the creatures in the games could be seen in the cinema is intriguing.

Though a Witcher TV series and movie had been created prior to the video games series’ inception, a new movie is rumoured to be in the works and will be released in 2017. However, it’s likely that again this movie will be based upon the Andrzej Sapkowski books, focusing more specifically on the Lesser Evil story which explains how Geralt earns the infamous “Butcher of Blaviken” a story which has never been told within the games.

The game is available on both the Xbox One and PS4. On Amazon here The Witcher 3 Game of the Year Edition (PS4) and on Steam here.

Patrick Nolan



Betrayal is a theme that always works well in movies. It is often a climactic moment in the movie where the protagonist is portrayed by someone they believed to be a close friend. Dishonored would work well as a movie because of the consistent betrayal that happens throughout the first game’s story. Corvo being framed for the empress’s murder would be a fantastic opening sequence and the story from there is compelling enough to keep the audience hooked. The second betrayal in the games story would also be a great way to set up a sequel as it would be difficult to turn the whole game into just one movie.

It’s unlikely that the filmmakers would have Corvo take the stealth approach for the movie and more likely they will go for Corvo rampaging through the streets.  Dishonored’s combat could easily be translated into fast-paced action scenes that would keep the movie entertaining for people who aren’t concerned with storylines.

The abilities that Corvo possesses would allow the filmmakers to be creative about how the fight scenes play out through the movie.  They could also use some of the voice actors for the live action adaptation since some of them have appeared in movies before. For example, they could have Michael Madsen reprise his role as Daud, the game’s secondary antagonist for the live action version. A character which is a must have if they aim to keep the main theme of the series, betrayal.

Buy the game on Steam here

Luke Macpherson



Metroid as a game is a fairly blank slate. There is a basic plot with a few intricacies. Overall that makes this franchise perfect for a movie adaptation. As long as the writers can find a way to work in the basics, they are more or less free to expand the universe through the movies.

Metroid has almost been made into a movie before, but the rights expired before the movie was put into production. This means that there could be some potential groundwork for the cinema version – making Metroid a more than viable option for a live action adaptation.

The Metroid prime games would be the best ones to adapt, should the writers want an in-depth plot to adapt to a movie format, as the prime games are filled to the brim with story segments. They also have a wide range of environments to set the movie in because of the game’s various planets and space stations explored by Samus over the various instalments. They could potentially do a mixture of the environments on the planet Zebes and make it an adventure movie.

You can buy the game here

Luke Macpherson

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