Awesome Unknown: Skullgirls

skullgirls_logoFighting games have been a cornerstone of video games since the age of arcades, with legendary titles such as Street Fighter 2(1991) and Mortal Kombat (1992) dominating arcades globally.

In the 90s, fighting games were all the rage. Legions of developers rose to the occasion by creating dozens of new games such as Weapon Lord (1995) and Primal Rage (1994) in an attempt to meet the global demand for new and innovative fighters.

Sadly, this rush to create new fighting games died off, leaving only the biggest series left as the genre went from the height of popularity to a niche in the gaming world. Despite this fall in popularity, Reverge Labs released SkullGirls in 2012 using Kickstarter, with a later update SkullGirls 2nd Encore in 2015.

SkullGirls is a 2D fighting game which follows all of the character’s journey to defeat the skull girl (the final boss) in a vibrant setting that invokes a post WII feel. Each of the characters are uniquely designed while fitting nicely into the game’s setting. Big Band is composed of musical instruments, which he uses to attack his opponent. Designs like this add to SkullGirls particular style – you just can’t find this sort of look elsewhere.

SkullGirls is also jam-packed with alternate colours for all of its characters on the disc, there’s no need to invest £10+ into your favourite character. Many of the colours are references to other media such as Cerebella’s Hulk Hogan skin.

There is a massively detailed tutorial which puts games like Street Fighter V to shame, going in-depth into all of the game’s mechanics so that new players get a good grasp on how to be competitive against more experienced players.

SkullGirls also runs beautifully both offline and online. In my time playing it I have never noticed it fall below 60fps and the brilliant net code allows for a smooth online experience. It’s impressive that an indie fighting game can have a better online connectivity than games with an enormous budget like Street Fighter V, as well as more content on the disc.

If you are looking for a fun time with friends or wanting to find a competitive game to play online SkullGirls ticks both those boxes, and blows triple A developers away while doing it.

Connor Makar

SkullGirls available on PS4, PC, Android or IOS. SkullGirls steam page


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