Awesome Unknown: Monopoly Plus

imageIt may be weird to choose a digital version of a 100-year-old game but I can’t recall a recent time where I had anywhere near as much fun. Monopoly Plus doesn’t add anything new except for a 3-D board. It is still the century-lasting, hair-tearingly frustrating game but it was the social aspect which made it spectacular.

It was a couple weeks into university and some flatmates and I were looking for party games that we could play together, in order to bond and be social. Disappointingly, there are not many party games. However, we hit the gold mine with Monopoly. Having a game that meant we could be competitive and spiteful, or pair up and befriend each other in order to increase our property count and team up to take someone else out.  As a social tool, it worked wonderfully.

The length of the games varied but our longest session lasted from 9:30pm until 01:00am, with it only beginning to drag in the last 45 minutes. Despite this, we vowed to play again and people actually looked forward to it. We played it so much that we began to find exploits that required us to set up our own Monopoly council, where we could vote on rules and tactics of play. For example, we forbid the ability to trade all property for one Monopoly just because we didn’t like the person that bankrupts us.

In my flat, Monopoly is a weekly event, often daily. It acts as a way for us all to interact and get along – despite Monopoly being known to do the opposite. We have such an investment in Monopoly Plus, that we even purchased expansions and map packs.

It is weird to say but I doubt there would be as much synergy in my accommodation if we didn’t have it. This is why I consider Monopoly Plus to be an awesome unknown game.

Paddy Inniss

Monopoly Plus is available on these platforms: Xbox One Monopoly Family Fun Pack (Xbox One) and  PlayStation 4

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