Awesome Unknown: Megatron Rainfall


The genre of superheroes has always felt like a missed opportunity in the gaming world. Until now.

Introducing Megaton Rainfall, a first-person superhero simulator that puts players in control of a cosmic powered superhero responsible for stopping an alien invasion of earth.

Completely invulnerable, this hero doesn’t have a health bar but if too many lives are lost in the invasion then its game over. Players aren’t limited to saving the Earth though, with the power of a missile in the palm of a hand, or the power of a nuke in the palms of bothPlayers are free to decimate Earth as they please between levels. Admittedly, the Earth’s health bar is present between levels and the planet will reset if too much damage is caused. Fortunately, progress through the story is never lost. 

During my first playthrough, I was so engrossed in the intense amount of detail packed into the cities on the Earth, with landmarks such as Tokyo Tower and Big Ben packed into these living, breathing cities that I never even considered what would happen if I flew up. Looking skyward I soared, with speed increasing the further from Earth I got. Planets whizzed past and solar systems too. After half an hour of flying, skimming the surface of the stars, I looked back and saw thousands of galaxies all ready to be explored. All these new and unique places to discover, and most importantly destroy. Unlike the Earth, any other planet is just waiting to be annihilated. 

The story is decent throughout but the ending took me completely by surprise.  The continent I stood on violently shook, transforming to reveal an alien mothership that could only be fully seen after leaving the atmosphere. Whilst deflecting lasers and protecting the now aerial city I didn’t realise that an enormous triangular weapon was splitting the earth in two. All seemed lost, then came the twist. No spoilers but after receiving the power to destroy entire solar systems, this new power was beyond anything that I had seen before. 

Long story short, Megaton Rainfall is truly a diamond in the rough, with its only shortcoming being its marketing team, after all, the fact that it took five months for this game to be noticed is definitely something that needs to be looked at. I thoroughly enjoyed this game and look forward to the villain mode update as promised by the developers. The fact that an independent development team can create such an amazing game is astounding and will hopefully usher in a new age of superhero games.  

Jack Yates 

Megaton Rainfall is available on PS4 and PSVR for £12.99 and PC for £11.99. Megaton Rainfall Steam page.

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