Lost Gaming Gem: Crash Twinsanity


TwinsanityAfter the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy sold over 2.5 million copies it’s an inevitable fact – this marsupial is finally back from the dead.

Bringing back the games developed by Naughty Dog has proven to be a popular decision. However, since it’s inevitable that Crash will be sticking around this time after such a profitable adventure, this palatable journalist has an interesting suggestion.

Tucked away lies one specific Crash game on 6th generation hardware. It didn’t sell many copies, but, nonetheless, won the admiration of fans across the internet. Developed by Traveller’s Tales, Crash Twinsanity is a hilarious and often challenging platforming game which earns its place as the best Crash game outside of Naughty Dog’s work. However, it doesn’t just deserve a remake – it needs one.

As a more open adventure compared to the claustrophobic corridors of the originals, Twinsanity paired Crash up with nemesis Cortex to stop two irritating birds tearing the world apart.

From the moment the game boots up, you’re struck by some of the silliest music a game has ever had, all done from acapella band Spiralmouth. It’s so irresistibly bouncy and catchy, I can barely stop humming it sometimes. The best part though is that the entire game sounds just as unique – and no other game sounds quite like it.

Gameplay consists of controlling Crash with many of the abilities and rules from the PS1 days still present. Levels are insane and wacky, such as rolling down a dangerous mineshaft at speed to chasing Cortex with a beehive stuck on his head. Mixing in a bright art style and fluid animation ensures everything gels together like a Chuck Jones cartoon on acid.

The most comical levels have you drag Cortex around, who might just be one of the funniest video game villains ever written. Lex Lang delivers a performance of an egotistically evil menace with a childlike inclination that leaks out in tirades. Having a dedicated button to toss him into pits and smash his head against the ground is intensely cathartic. I shall never stop laughing about the ability to do that. There’s also a moment where you ride him down a mountain and destroy his crotch, which is just as outstanding. It’s only inevitable that the game would be so absurd and hilarious, since one of the writers used to work on the insane Ren and Stimpy. This aspect is also completely unique to Twinsanity.

Twinsanity isn’t perfect, though. Earning a 64% on Metacritic pointed towards some significant flaws of a clearly rushed game. Some levels were almost malignant in difficulty (a specific Walrus chase comes to mind), a few were completely cut (humourlessly referenced by Cortex in a 4th wall break) along with a plethora of bugs. The quality, however, shines through regardless. It would be amazing to see Activision approve of a Twinsanity remake that includes the missing content and fixes core issues.

Since this is unlikely to happen though, we’ll always have the original to love and treasure forever more.

Bradley Newson

Crash Twinsanity is available on Xbox and PlayStation 2.


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