All the stars at League’s All-Star 2018 Event

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Now that we’re just over a week away from All Stars, League of Legends’ annual final event of the year, Riot Games announced yesterday just who exactly will be participating.

It’ll be taking place at the Esports Arena in Las Vegas at 4pm local time, so that’s 1am BST if you’re willing to stay up for it all. The event will be watchable online at, so no need to be making sudden travel plans to Las Vegas.

Who’s playing?

Here’s who’ll be participating across the three days.

EU (Europe):

Pros: Caps, Broxah and Jiizuke.

Also from EU will be Wickd, No Way, GoB GG, Alexelcapo and Gripex.

NA (North America):

Pros: Doublelift, Sneaky and Licorice.

Also from NA will be imaqtpie, Voyboy, Shiptur, Hai, BunnyFuFuu, NightBlue3 and Luxxbunny.

LPL (China):

Pros: Uzi, MLXG and Rookie.

Also from China will be Luo Yunxi, Guan Zong, JeiZou, Godlike, Zhou Shuyi, Sao Nan and Fireloli.

LCK (Korea):

Pros: Faker, Bang and Peanut.

Also from Korea will be Watch, Madlife, Captain Jack, Shy and Bitdory.

TCL (Turkey):

Pros: Dumbledoge and Broken Blade.

Also from Turkey will be Immortoru and KFCEatbox.

CBLOL (Brazil):

Pros: BrTT and Rakin.

Also from Brazil will be YoDa and Jukes.

VCS (Vietnam):

Pros: Artifact and Zeros.

Also from Vietnam will be QTV and Misthy.

LMS (League Master Series):

Pros: Maple and Westdoor.

Also from the LMS will be NL and Bebe.

SEA (Southeast Asia):

Pros: G4 and ROCKKY.

Also from SEA will be Riku.

LLA (Latin America):

Pros: Tierwolf and Plugo from Latin America South; Seiya and Arce from Latin America North.

Also from Latin America will be Capri, Lastpick, Reubenmaster and Ness.


Pros: Kira and DiamondProx

Also from the LCL will FlashInTheNight.

LJL (Japan):

Pros: Evi and Ceros.

Also from Japan will be Sutanmi.

OPL (Oceania):

Pros: Triple and Pabu.

Also from the OPL will be Midbeast.

What’s being played?

Uzi 2017 Winner

The star event is, as always, the 1v1 tournament between all of the 32 pro players who are involved. Battling for the Draven Axe statue as the prize – as well as any bragging rights for being best 1v1 player at All Stars. Last year’s winner Uzi will of course be looking to defend his title. Also a 2v2 charity tournament featuring 16 pairs, each with one pro and one special guest personality. Whichever team wins will be awarded a donation to a charity of their choosing.

As for some other events, we’ll be seeing an ‘East vs West’ Showdown, which will be a 3-match feature with a rotating roster to see which set of pro player regions is really the best. A small P.S was announced by Riot that spectators should ‘watch out for a surprise ending’ so we should all be wary for whatever they have in store for this event. There’ll be smaller regional battles with ever present rivalry of EU vs NA and KR vs CN going head to head, to battle for simple bragging rights over the other region.

Finally, there’ll be Mixed Team Alternate Modes featuring a mix of pros, League Partners and other guest personalities fighting it out on some of the less conventional game modes – Nexus Blitz, URF and Tandem Mode.

If you get involved simply by watching, you’ll exclusive in-game content. For watching a single match you’ll receive the All-Star Icon, and for watching 12 of the events you’ll receive the All-Star Emote.

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