Bethesda’s apology of 500 atoms to unhappy customers of the Fallout 76: Power Armour Edition enrages fans


Bethesda’s new Fallout 76 has proven to be quite contentious amongst gamers, but that could be the least of their woes after controversy arose over a superficial bag included in the Power Armour Edition.

DtGgk7BWsAAu-9HFans have been expressing their disappointment with a carrying bag present in the expensive $200 (£174.99) Power Armour Edition of Fallout 76. Instead of the advertised West Tek Duffel Carrying Bag, customers instead received a creased, inferior nylon carrying bag.

The issue gained a huge amount of attention on the Fallout subreddit when a fan shared their interaction with Bethesda’s support service, receiving a confusingly blunt response which said: “The bag shown in the media was a prototype and was too expensive to make. We aren’t planning on doing anything about it”.


Bethesda has since followed up on the frustration in several ways, firstly by stating that the response was made by a temporary employee: “We apologise to the customer who took the time to reach out. The support response was incorrect and not in accordance with our conduct policy”.

They then clarified the initial response with more details.

“Unfortunately, due to unavailability of materials, we had to switch to a nylon carrying case in the Fallout 76: Power Armor Edition. We hope this doesn’t prevent anyone from enjoying what we feel is one of our best collector’s editions”.

Apparently it did however, judging by Bethesda’s later tweet via the Fallout twitter account which attempted to resolve the ongoing backlash with an apology and compensation for customers of the Power Armour edition with 500 free atoms, a premium currency used in Fallout 76’s transaction store.

500 atoms is worth £3.99 over here, and the difference in value has instead only infuriated players even further. With 500 free atoms you can purchase a door and a few flowers.


Ironically, 500 atoms isn’t even enough to purchase the in-game duffel bag, which costs 200 more.


Reddit users have been upvoting a post by CongressBeta warning other fans not to accept the offer, since this would count as compensation which would ensure that your refund request would be futile.

So far, various storefronts have updated the product page for the Power Armour edition. Bethesda’s own clarifies that the: “bag isn’t representative of the final product”. GAME updated the description to a nylon bag instead of a duffel one, whilst the Amazon page for the PC Version is yet to be updated, still displaying the now false product information.

Thanks to this false advertising, confusion and anger, Bethesda looks to be stuck dealing with the ‘Fallout’ over the already disliked release of Fallout 76.

By Bradley Newson


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