Sony’s’ PlayStation 4 celebrates five years of console success

As we reach the inevitable end of the eighth generation of consoles, Sony has released a celebratory video showcasing the memories gamers have shared on the PlayStation 4.

The dominating console launched in November 2013, it’s been a whopping five years since its inception onto the gaming climate and the system is continuing to increase in popularity. In the video, Sony has revealed some interesting statistics, showcasing the amazing adventures that its player base has undergone.

Players have eliminated 46 million Thunder-Jaws in the critically acclaimed Horizon Zero Dawn, while 630,000 players have earned the difficult platinum trophy in Bloodborne.

Those are only a couple of incredible achievements that the enormous PS4 player base has achieved in its lifetime. The PlayStation 4 seems to be an ever-growing ecosystem of players both new and old, and this video marks a tremendous occasion for not just the company but all gamers. Earlier this year Sony released a custom-built limited edition PS4, signifying 500 million players with special engravings on the system. Not only has Sony surpassed 500 million players, but the company also launched the first console Virtual Reality device in 2016, with the PlayStation VR.

Fans on Twitter shared their own PS4 memories, such as user Mark Billing who said ‘’Some of my favourite games! Keep up the excellent work!’’


While the PlayStation 4 is celebrating its success, the Xbox One didn’t have a great start at the beginning of the generation. Microsoft’s competing console initially didn’t sit well with gamers while the PS4 started selling like hotcakes. Since its launch, the Xbox One has improved tremendously and has become a crucial competitor in the often referred to console war. The introduction of Games Pass and the powerful Xbox One X put of a lot of pressure onto the market; garnering more sales for the Xbox family of systems.

The eighth generation of consoles is nearing its end. With Sony releasing this video, it is likely to be a sign regarding the future of PlayStation. It could be a tease for a potential PlayStation 5, but only time will tell. 

Jaimie Ditchfield

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