You Look Alright Boy.

Rockstar Games has recently partnered with designer Barking Irons. The partnership involves the production of official Red Dead Redemption clothing and accessories designed to replicate content within the game.

The clothes and accessories represent the Western, Arcadian style that is projected throughout the expansive world of Red Dead Redemption. On top of this, each piece of clothing has a striking resemblance to iconic clothing in the game.

Gunslinger jacketGunslinger ingame

Comparison between the gunslinger jacket from Barker Irons (left) and in-game (right)

Other merchandise includes a small range of shirts and bags, each named identically to their in-game counterparts.

Denim Chore shirtDuffel bagHenley shirt

Denim chore shirt (left), Riding duffel bag (centre), Union Henley shirt – bone white (right)

However, as the collaboration is a premium product, each clothing item has a hefty price tag. The cheapest item, the large tote bag sits at £65 whereas the most expensive product, the duffel bag has a staggering £260 price.

Crossed gunsBarking Irons was created in 2003 in downtown New York City by brothers Daniel and Michael Casarella. Since then Barking Irons has grown to be a prominent brand built on a history of collaboration with music artists. Current partners range from Bob Dylan to Kings of Leon and even Yoko Ono. Barking Irons has said: “We have honed this craft into immersive limited-edition collections for artists and iconic brands that tell powerful stories through images, clothing and culture. We look to connect the past to the present by honoring those who have defied their times”.

This collaboration could be the start of many new partnerships in which official merchandise is produced at a premium quality. It is also likely that more products will be added to the Red Dead collection as time progresses.

For anyone interested in more things Red Dead Redemption 2, the online officially launched today and is accessible to any owner of the base game.

You can buy Red Dead Redemption 2 here: Red Dead Redemption 2 (PS4)

Ben Lyons

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