Celeste Beginners Guide: Everything you need to know

After its success at The Game Awards 2018, Celeste is sure to garner a few new players and we here at Square Peg Gamers are more than happy to show you the ropes of this mountain scaling platformer.


Celeste’s gameplay is all about platforming up a mountain through various levels. Players control Madeline, a young girl with the ability to jump, climb walls for a short time and dash in mid-air. Using these abilities, players must ascend through levels, dodging various obstacles. To begin with, Madeline can only dash in mid-air once, however she can find replenishing crystals throughout the level to refill her dashing ability or just land on the ground to refill it, and later in the game players can unlock a second mid-air dash.

Obstacles that players must face include spikes and springs, with items such as feathers allowing for a brief moment of flight. Collectibles are scattered across the mountain and include strawberries (which affect the ending of the game) and cassette tapes that unlock harder versions of various levels. NPC’s can be found within levels to unlock more of the game’s thrilling story.



We’ll keep this light for those wishing to experience the tale for themselves. A young woman named Madeline travels to Celeste mountain, in western Canada, in a quest to conquer its treacherous climb. At the base of the mountain she meets an old woman who doubts that Madeline will survive the climb, yet she is determined to climb on, despite the old woman’s warnings that she may see things upon climbing. As she climbs the mountain, a mysterious plot unfolds and the secrets that the mountain holds becomes clear, what secrets? You’ll just have to wait and see…



Celeste was the result of a four-day game jam in which developers Noel Berry and Matt Thorson were involved. It originally existed as a challenging platformer with only 30 levels, specifically designed for speed running and precision reflexes. After a rousing success at the jam, the two decided to develop the game into a standalone release with more than three times the levels of the original prototype. With the consistent streaming of the development process and a demo available at the PAX West Indie Megabooth 2016, Celeste eventually released on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox one, Windows, macOS and Linux on January 25th 2018. However, the original prototype can still be found within the game.

Jack Yates

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