Fortnite Season 7 – What’s New?

Fortnite Battle Royale is once again at the start of a new game season. Season 7 began on the 6th December, introducing many new gameplay features, updates to the map and a whole new creative game mode available now for players who buy the season 7 battle pass.

Kicking off with the big updates to the map. Unlike rival battle royale Player Unknown’s Battleground, Fortnite has never been one for adding in complete new maps, instead  just editing the map the community are familiar with. In recent seasons, we have seen the introduction of the Desert zone located in the bottom right section of the map and have also seen fan favourites like Dusty Depot being replaced with Dusty Divot/Diner.

Rip Dusty

With Season 7 we have been introduced to a whole new section on the map, the new snowy terrain has taken over at least a quarter of the map. The introduction of the snow terrain means we have had to say goodbye to some more areas that have been around since early on but we have also welcomed some new attractions. The main named location that we are saying farewell to (for now at least) is Greasy Grove. Greasy has not been fully removed from the game, instead has been covered over in a large sheet of ice with just partial rooftops still clearly visible. The next named location the community said goodbye to was Flush Factory, not as popular a drop zone as Greasy but still an area that has been in Fortnite BR since season 1.

Map 7

The next big change that was introduced in Season 7 is the new game mode Creative. This new game mode adds in a handful on new features that haven’t been seen before in Fortnite, like being able to fly around the creative map, they have also added a phone item that allows players to copy and place block parts and other items.

Within Creative there is an entirely new map that is exclusive to creative. This map is much smaller than the BR map and spawns almost completely barren to allow players to start fresh when they experiment with the new game mode.


Creative allows players to save four islands at any one time in their local save folder. Each island has a current build level of 100,000 which allows for players to really get a grasp of all the new features, items and building materials available. Creative servers will allow for up 16 players in the world and have a maximum time limit of four hours.

Some new items added for Creative are Stopwatch, Scoreboard and some preset obstacle courses. A big addition of creative is the start mini-game feature, this allows you to make a save instance before you start a mini-game. This means that if you are about to play through the world which will result in the destruction of your whole build this save will revert back to the save instance so you can play the map over and over again.

Overall, 2018 has been a massive year for Fortnite starting the year with around 30 million concurrent players, the game has continued to grow month after month. In December 2018 the game was confirmed to have broken the 200 million player threshold and it still continues to climb.

Will Fortnite continue this hot streak in 2019 or will this gaming giant fall?

Gianfranco Lagioia

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