Gaming’s best Christmas events

We at Square Peg Gamers always get excited this time of year, all the new winter events from developers with brand new festive skins, exciting game modes and other unique twists really help us back into games of seasons past.

We will be looking at the winter events that make us feel the most festive for 2018. Although lots of games have winter events, we think these games are offering the most for their players to experience and enjoy. From Inklings and Palicos to Poros and Pachimarus these are the games we will be playing the most during our holidays. So, sit tight by the warm fire, drink your hot cocoa and let’s delve into this year’s most exciting winter events.

Splatoon 2’s Frosty Fest

– Jack Yates –

FrostyFest-Items-1In January 2019, Splatoon 2 will be holding a special winter themed Splatfest, similar to a previous event, Splatoween.

In this event, players can participate in the usual Splatfest activities, such as the team turf war, with the team themes being spending the holidays with friends or family. Players will have the ability to snag exclusive clothing items that grant them abilities in battle, such as an Eel-Cake Hat, Festive Party Cone, New Year’s Glasses DX, and Twisty Headband. Getting these items is almost too easy, with players needing to look out for a relevant news posts on the Nintendo Switch news application. Simply push a button at the bottom of the article and all this exclusive gear will appear in game as a nicely wrapped present. How festive (and free)!

While it has not been confirmed, it’s likely that none of the gameplay will change for the duration of the event with the only real changes being the addition of various decorations in Inkopolis Square, which look nothing short of amazing, and some new ink colours – one coloured like gingerbread and another like icing, and of course both are laced with glitter.

After the overall success of Splatoween, this event is one to look forward to. It will take place from January 4th to January 6th with times to be confirmed, that’s 48 hours of festive fun to bring in the new year! No matter how you plan to spend the holidays, Frosty fest is sure to provide a good time for all.

Monster Hunter World’s Winter Star Fest

– Sarah Fox –

98871d895d869c4da409667988d259011a0035ddMonster Hunter World likes to celebrate all things seasonal; and it hasn’t held back with The Winter Star Fest. The gathering hub is adorned with blinding lights and our favourite NPC’s have had some Christmas magic sprinkled on them.

While the event is running, there are many limited time items and Event Quests to complete, including some older favourites you might have missed from the Summer and Spring events. Even if you’re feeling a bit bah humbug about the Christmas events, Capcom is giving you two Lucky Vouchers on login instead of one.

Christmas is all about giving, and Capcom is leaving something pretty special under your tree; a Winter Star Ticket. Winter Star tickets work similarly to the other event tickets. They allow the Hunter, when they have enough, to craft and exchange them for a Santa Themed Orion α and Orion armour. More importantly, your Palico has its own Christmas set – a snowman. Exchange your star tickets for that one and you won’t be disappointed.

The new Event Quest for this season is Timberland Troublemakers which has its own reward; the Bristly Pincushion hammer, which can be obtained by collecting the tickets from the Quest.

Monster Hunter has done everything right this year, transforming a quiet Gathering Hub into a festive wonderland.

League of Legends’ Snowdown

– Dylan Byrne –

It’s that time of year again in the Rift. Snow has fallen overnight covering the ground, making every inch white. The river has frozen over, leaving the scuttle crab to stumble and tumble for fruit. Tristana is making her toy cannons, Bard is enjoying a nice hot cup of cocoa by the fireplace and Nunu and willump are building a giant snowman. But what else is coming to celebrate this year’s Snowdown in League of Legends? It seems as though this year will be the biggest yet, with a new character lots of new skins and a uniquely fantastic game mode as well.

The new champion





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Neeko the curious chameleon has wandered into the Rift at the most relaxing time of year for League fans, during the preseason. Her in-depth overview can be found here. While she isn’t exactly made for the climate, being a cold blooded reptile. We’re sure she will fit in with the other inhabitants of the Rift. She has also come with a disguise personally for the event, Winter Wonderland Neeko is one skin that will surely freeze anyone in their tracks.


Neeko isn’t the only one sporting a new skin this event, four other champions will have their own frozen variant. In order of appearance:

Dr Mundo – Frozen Prince Mundo

Soroka -Winter Wonderland Soroka

Twitch – Ice King Twitch

Master Yi – Snow Man Yi

All of these skins will cost 1,350 RP (about £9) and will change the aesthetic of the entire character’s kit, including their back animation, giving them all a chilling twist.





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These are the newest skins, however, many older Snow Down skins will be getting a chroma variant (a colour change) of gold. These skins are

Frostblade Irelia

Snow Day Malzahar

Snow Day Graves

Snow Day Bard

Snowstorm Sivir






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The choice of gold for these skins matches the gem of the Snow Down skin parade, Akali Prestige Edition is the skin everyone wants this Snow Down. It’s a gold variant of her K/DA skin and, as Cass Marshall of the Rift Herald reported, Akali’s K/DA character is the most popular in the pop group claiming “the crown on social media and in the hearts of fans.”

The skin will cost Snow Tokens and it won’t be cheap or easy to unlock. The last prestigious skin was K/DA Kai’sa which cost 2,500 world tokens. Typically to unlock these snow tokens you will be given challenges to complete and brand new loot boxes to open. We can only assume it will be same this time around for the 2018 Snow Down.

lol 12The quests this time around are almost exclusively focused on the new Blitz Game mode, and you can view a more in-depth preview here.

Each quest will give either Blitz Tokens, which offers rewards for the new game mode such as a unique backing animation, or the coveted Snow Tokens which, if you farm enough, gives you the chance to get winter-themed player borders, icons and loot boxes. Also if you don’t want to take your chance with the loot boxes the store has a massive discount on all the older Snowdown skins.

Riot has also released a very cute trailer for the Snowdown event to show off the new skins which you can watch here:

Please let us know how you will be celebrating Snowdown, and if you’re farming for the prestige Akali skin we wish you luck!

Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland

– Jaimie Ditchfield-

Image result for overwatch winter wonderland 2018

The world could always use more heroes during the holidays! Overwatch will be hosting its annual Winter Wonderland event, starting on December 11th and coming to an end on January 2nd 2019. So far we haven’t received much news on what to expect during this years event, but we can still speculate.

Let’s begin with what we know so far. Blizzard has released a couple of small videos showcasing a new Legendary skin for the tank hero, Zarya and the support hero, Lucio. The Snowboarder and Arctic Wolf skins will be debuting in Winter Loot boxes when the event launches, and no doubt Blizzard will continue to tease more skins leading up to the launch.

Mei’s Snowball Offensive, the seasonal gamemode, will be making its way make to the Overwatch Arcade playlist. The 6v6 Mei only mode sees players utilising one shot to kill Snowballs, in order to eliminate the enemy team. Overwatch’s seasonal modes are always a blast to play and we may see Blizzard spice things up this time around. King’s Row and Hanamura will return with the Christmas redesign, and this year Blizzard World is being added to the roster of seasonal themed maps.

The skins introduced in the previous Winter events will be making a comeback at a discounted in-game credit price, giving you an opportunity to obtain those elusive items. The launch of the Winter Wonderland event will also mark the reset day for the Overwatch arcade, presenting you with more opportunities to get some loot boxes. On Christmas Day, Blizzard may be generous enough to present you with five additional loot boxes – they did that last year, how kind of them!

Fortnite’s Frostnite

– Michael Goulding-

As expected, the team at Epic Games has announced that Fortnite will of course be hosting a Christmas event for its game. This comes after Epic announced the event will be held two weeks after Fortnite’s Season 7.0 update, on the 6th of December. This means that the Christmas event will start on roughly the 20th December. So, what are we expecting on this year’s event?


Picture1The first and probably most obvious thing we are getting is Christmas themed skins! It’s one of the things we have come to expect from Fortnite when it comes to the holidays, and we’ve been treated to quite a few for this Christmas event with (from left to right) the Ginger Gunner, Yuletide Ranger, Codename ELF, Merry Marauder and Red Nose Raider

These are the skins we know we will be getting, but it will also be interesting to see if Epic announces any more once the Christmas event has begun.

Christmas Jumpers

chirstmas jumpers.pngYes, that’s right, Christmas jumpers. Fortnite is a global name now, so we have seen many products coming from the game, like bedding for children, action figures and now, Christmas Jumpers! There are four jumpers you can get your hands on for the Christmas period:

* Flossin’ Around the Xmas Tree

* And A Llama In A Pear Tree

* Merry Marauder

* Have A Bear-y, Merry Xmas

The jumpers, produced by Merchoid are 100% knitted and are priced at an eyewatering £39.99 each. Good luck telling your child they’re not getting one though!


In terms of what this Christmas Event means in terms of the gameplay for Fortnite, Epic Games has said very little, except for the fact the Christmas Event will be ‘brand new’ to the game, and that there is going to be a lot more to it than previous events such as Halloween and Easter. This means players may well want to stock up on XP. It will be very interesting to see if there will be and new game modes or Christmas themed weapons. The rest is pretty much a waiting game until the event begins on the 20th. For now, all we can do is enjoy Season 7 and its new icy map addition.

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