League of legends: Nexus Blitz Snow Down

As mentioned in our Christmas events preview list, League of Legends has introduced its newest game mode Nexus Blitz, a chaotic miss match of so many different game modes it really is the most unique experience that LoL has given to its players in a long time. We love it.

The game mode involves the standard 5 v 5 champion with a draft select allowing each team to ban 5 champions to stop some of the more unfair champions from appearing. However, with how the game mode plays out even the most unorthodox team can win, when working as a team. So how does this game mode work?

The map

Well, the map is a more condensed version of the Rift as shown below, the jungle is now limited to one red buff and one blue buff above and below the mid lane. While each side has raptors, wolves and a gromp. Also of course the Rift Herald and Baron are just above top lane, but beware all jungle camps hit harder and have much more health. The reason why is because you will be building your character twice as fast as a standard game of League. Each minion now drops gold no matter whether you last hit it or not. If you do last hit however, you will gain an increased amount of gold.


Jungle Mob locations

The team composition consists of three laners and two junglers, instead of the typical four laners and one jungler. The reason for this is because the jungle is heavily contested consistently as only one of each buff is available and is easily accessible to both sides. As the game continues different challenges will appear. There are 12 challenges during this event that may happen and we are here to give you the rundown of each and tips to ensure that your team wins.

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Bardle Royale

Once this mode starts the entire map will be engulfed in a ring of fire, similar to that of a storm seen in battle royale games like Fortnite and PUBG. However, the radius will rapidly decrease forcing the two teams to clash in a very hectic team fight. To beat your opponents ensure that the tank of the team, is peeling away from the ADC to ensure that they are protected for longer and dealing the maximum damage possible. Avoid one vs many situations, and make sure that engages are coordinated by targeting certain squishy champions to inform your team that they are a priority. We recommend marksmen characters and brawlers as priority targets as they pose the biggest rise. Also, note that the fire deals massive damage over time and if you’re playing a hero that can displace enemies, such as alistar and tristana use the AOE ring of fire to your advantage. NOTE: If you recall while this event starts you may instantly die from the fire, so pay attention to the timer and event.

Bardle Royale: Juggernaut

This is a spin off of Bardle Royale but one member from each team gets more health and the on fire buff, which helps them deal more damage and gain health back faster. This version is based on luck the majority of the time, if a tank or bruiser gets the juggernaut then the other team will have a harder time coping. However, if an ADC gets the buff they will most likely be targeted and killed quite fast. What we recommend is using targeting efficiently and aiming to take down the back line before fighting the juggernaut. If you’re the juggernaut we recommend engaging the other juggernaut in a 1v1 encounter to ensure the pressure is built onto their team to retaliate towards you allowing your team to pick them off from the back line.

Game Modes

Bardle Royale: Paranoia

In this spin off the nocturne effect has set in. You can only see friendly and enemy  champions when they are face to face with yourself. This can lead to many funny accidental encounters but as the ring of fire capsizes into a smaller and smaller point the likelihood of being caught off guard increases, leading to some unfair one versus many situations. What we recommend for you is to stay close to your team as you see the challenge event drawing near, you should roam like this group until the fire closes into a smaller circle and only engage as a group.

URF deathmatch

Named after another game mode in League of Legends URF deathmatch, gives the players three lives with a massive buff including insane cool down reduction and no mana cost abilities. Allowing for some insane team fights. If you’re a character that has long cooldown reductions this is your time to spam as many of those abilities as possible. Characters, such as Galio, can be extremely effective in these team fights with his taunt and stun abilities displacing enemy champions and giving your team a really big advantage.

Loot Teemo

Our favourite challenge in the game is Loot Teemo. A giant version of Teemo (the most annoying champion) and it is your job to kill him before the enemy team does. He has a massive health pool and roams the map constantly, so placing wards is important to view how many of the enemy team are engaged with Teemo and organising how to engage them and kill him for yourself. The aim is to take his goal and i’m sure most of you want to kill Teemo yourself.

Loot Veigar

Similar to Teemo but Veigar is much more dangerous he will attack and it will hurt if you get caught. So instead of engaging entirely try to pick off the enemies as they get hit by Veigars attack, patience is key in this challenge.

Push the cart

In this challenge both teams can push a cart, when in the highlighted circle. If the enemy team are also in the highlighted circle the cart will stop. So make sure to be on the offensive constantly, once the cart touches a structure it will detonate instantly destroying any structure. So this is great way of pushing for into an enemies base and opening their nexus for an attack.

Push the cart (attack/defend)

This mode is the same but one team will be defending and the other attacking. Having AOE damage or displacing abilities are key ways to ensure the enemies stay off the carts highlighted circle.


Get ready to fight the enemy team in either a 2v2 or 1v1 gauntlet, whoever wins the majority win the mode. It starts with a 2v2 of the strongest champions. Eventually reaching a 1v1 of the weakest. The teams are forced to watch on the sidelines and its extremely fun, reminding us of the Battlerite style of gameplay. We have no tips for this mode as its very straightforward and co-op focused. Try to engage with your team member is the most important strategy. Or outplay your opponent if you’re by yourself.

King of the hill

This is a very famous and simple game mode. All you need to do is stand on the highlighted point until you capture it, you will be fighting for this point against the enemies. We recommend using AOE powers and displacing abilities to force enemies off the point. If the enemies has progressed pushing them off does not reset the point, as you must drain their progress and then begin capturing.  

Scuttle Racing

The scuttle crabs want fruit, and the closest fruit is at the other end of the rift. Get your scuttle crab to the fruit as fast as possible. You can kill and use CC on the enemies crab, while speed boosting yours. So make sure you’re interfering with the enemy team as much as possible while giving your crab speed boosts along the way. League of Legends isn’t fair and neither is Scuttle Crab racing apparently.

Nexus Blitz (Sudden Death)

This game has gone on long enough, the nexus’ think at 18 minutes. They stand up showing that these crystals are sentient golems and they begin to charge at one another; meeting in the centre of the map dealing damage to one another. You can also deal damage to the enemy nexus, making the entire experience much more hectic than other challenges as this is the end game. There will be one winner and one loser, everything is on the line. We recommend focusing the nexus and dealing damage to enemies once they have entered your groups area. Do not try to roam and kill enemies at this point, because backdooring is a lot easier when the nexus’ are fighting one another in the middle of the map.

When you win a challenge

For completing these challenges your team are blessed with a reward which lasts for the majority of the game making it so that once snowballing the winning team won’t stop, unless some sort of outplay is performed. Leading to somewhat one sided battles being created. The rewards are as follows:


Catapult of champions

This allows you to enter the action faster when in the fountain you can click the giant cannon to launch yourself back into the action, leading to the shopping experience much more streamlined.

Blessing of Blitzcrank

What we would consider the most annoying reward to fight against is Blessing of Blitzcrank. As all cannon and turrets now launch hands that grab and pull enemies into swarms of minions, which could lead to you being grabbed into a one versus many situation, while also under the enemy turret. Not something anyone wants.

Poro King

The Poro King arrives pushing top lane, dealing damage to all enemies by breathing fire. While also healing enemies, he has massive health (and is adorable). The best way to use him is pushing top tower and destroying as much as possible before he jumps out of the action.

Battle Sled

Have you ever wanted to run over enemies in a giant sled? Well this reward gives your team the opportunity to drive a giant sled and deal massive damage to anything it runs over. The sled explodes upon hitting something and deals massive damage. So make sure whoever is driving, isn’t a learner; or this reward could be wasted. We would recommend hitting towers, rather than enemies, no matter how tempting.

Guardian Angel:

Everyone on your team gets a one time use guardian angel allowing you to revive after your first death. Making the next group fight heavily weighed in their favour.

Statikk Shock

This is probably the most useful of the rewards as it gives your team the Statikk shiv item passive. When your character hits an enemy it will zap all enemies near to that enemy. Making the wave clear of your team massive. Also it hits champions too, making poke damage even better.

BF shield

The team gets massive shields which will make you even harder to kill, extremely useful when combined with the Guardian Angel reward.

Mega Cloud Drake

Probably one of the most useless rewards, as it just gives the team a massive boost to out of combat movement speed. Best used to get in and out of the fight, but the catapult does a better job in our opinion.

Mega Ocean Drake

Gives your team a large amount of mana and health regeneration, allowing you to spam abilities as much as possible.

On fire buff

When getting a kill streak you gain a massive amount of mana and health regen your damage is increased and you have a cool down reduction. But you become much easier to kill, and you will also have a large bounty on your head. This makes it so snowballing is easier, but it also stops over domination by one team.

Nexus Blitz still has more secrets to uncover, but this in depth guide is sure to help boost your chances of winning. Please let us know if you found this guide helpful. Also, feel free to share your greatest/funniest moments in Nexus Blitz.

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