Overwatch League 2019 season – the rundown

The 2019 season of the Overwatch League is quickly approaching, and we’ve gathered all the information to guide you through the season.

The regular season for 2019 will start on the 14th of February and consist of four stages lasting five weeks each, making for a 20-week long season that reflects 2018. At the end of each stage there will be a stage playoff where the top eight teams compete for a cash prize. The stage playoffs will be a hint of what’s to be expected at the season finals – suspected to be around mid-July, as with the 2018 season. The Overwatch League team has also announced that the break between each stage will be extended to compensate for press tours and stress relief for the players and teams.

The number of teams present in the League itself has increased from 12 to 20. The eight expansion teams are situated in three different continents, with three being based in China, one in Europe and five in North America. The team names and locations are listed below:

Location Name
Paris Eternal
Guangzhou Charge
Hangzhou Spark
Chengdu Hunters
Washington D.C. Justice
Atlanta Reign
Toronto Defiant
Vancouver Titans

The 2019 season does share a lot of similarities with the 2018 season, although due to an increased number of teams and the need to accommodate for the few select home games throughout the season, the number of games that each team will play has been reduced from 40 games in the 2018 season to 28 games in the 2019 season. For anyone who is concerned about the total overall games, there is no need to worry as there will be around 80 more games in the 2019 season.

The other notable change that will hit the 2019 season is that the All-Star match will be scheduled in the break between stage 2 and 3, instead of at the end of the season before the grand finals. The full schedule for the 2019 season will be released on the 12th of December, which should provide an answer to any remaining questions surrounding the 2019 season format.

The full day one schedule can be seen below:

OWL week one schedule

Who to watch for?

When February finally rolls around be sure to be on the lookout for the season one champions London Spitfire as they look to hold the title. Other notable teams to be aware of are the season one runner up, Philadelphia Fusion and the rising powerhouse, Los Angeles Gladiators. At this point, with the extra practice and experience that season one teams possess, it would be difficult to suggest any expansion team is in contention for the title. Although the Vancouver Titans, the full roster of multi-apex and Contenders winning team Runaway, should put most season one teams up to the test.

For those interested in more Overwatch content, the Christmas event is scheduled to release on the 11th of December and the full game can be picked up here.

Ben Lyons

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