The Game Awards Roundup – Things that we expected and surprises

Now that the Game Awards 2018 is over, what did we learn? Did we expect everything that happened or where there a lot of surprises?

Well, we already knew that there would be a lot of games getting nominated but did we expect the amount of variety that was there? Obviously, games like God of War and Red Dead Redemption 2 were going to get the main praise but let’s look at what other things happened.

game awardsssss

2018 was a success for video games

It wouldn’t be a gaming event without indie developers. Every year we see indies make more of a name for themselves as they continue to show why they should be taken seriously. From 2D platformer Dead Cells winning best action game, to Celeste winning best independent games. Games conventions offer a wide amount for fans which can range from meeting developers to testing out the new software, but it’s the indie games sections that shine all over the convention.

Is it time to get past the exclusivity boundary and enjoy multi-platform?

The amount of variety in these awards was fantastic to see, enabling so many different game companies to get the praise they deserve for their hard work. There’s always a lot of controversy over exclusives and different consoles but the number of different awards this year showed exactly what gaming can be: gaming together. People may argue about exclusivity but surely with the variety of amazing games coming out and winning awards it’s time to own multiple systems? People should start to address that every company (even if it’s not their preference) can bring out amazing games and having different consoles can bring the best of both worlds.

Mobile Gaming is one for the future

Again, we find ourselves looking at more mobile game developers wanting to be taken seriously. This year we have seen Elder Scrolls: Blades cancelled, which disheartened fans of the Elder Scrolls series, along with Blizzard announcing Diablo: Immortal at BlizzCon, even though many fans were saddened by the news not being Diablo 4. Having said that, it was also good news for fans who enjoy mobile games. Of course, Nintendo Switch is dominating the market right now but for other people who have no interest or prefer mobile phones, there’s more and more content being put out for these players. The ease of pulling your phone out on your travels and playing a game is amazing, and as time goes by, we find ourselves getting better games which inevitably will lead to better things. Razer brought out its new phone recently the ‘Razer 2’ and it’s phones like this that will bring the full potential of these games and the best experience. 2019 is going to be an important year so keep an eye out mobile gamers.

How does this year compare to the last?

Well, a main recurrence was Overwatch. Last year we saw Overwatch win Game of The Year and this year it was back again, but not quite in the same way. This year we saw them win Best Esports Game – still very popular just like last year, but not quite good enough with the likes of exclusives on PlayStation (God of War, Spider-Man etc.) And popularity is important, especially with online to keep the player base huge and coming back for more.

Which brings us to another game that is insanely popular: Fortnite – this game won a few awards last year and again this year it won another. Epic Games has done an amazing job by keeping people entertained with Fortnite; adding in new seasons, costumes, items, challenges and changing up their map to work with the different settings of the seasons. This year it won Best Multiplayer Game and Best Ongoing Game, which shows you just how far the game has come in the time of the release of Battle Royale mode. There are eight million people playing this game and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop being as popular for a very long time as Epic Games look to take it to new heights, planning new ideas.

Kratos 2

Going for the gold

The Game Awards 2018 saw a lot of developers and their teams getting endless credit as they excelled in their fields, bringing in popularity and more fans to check out what they’ve been spending their time doing. However, there’s always got to be the king; the one who wins most, and this time it was Sony/Santa Monica Studios who took home the prize for God of War

A masterpiece that changed how we look at a popular game series that is God of War. From Kratos defeating Ares in God of War (2005) to Kratos bullying his way to the top of Mount Olympus to destroy the Olympian Gods (2010), this game series was brought into a new light. When we hear God of War we picture a hack and slash game where the enemies are on a way bigger scale than the main protagonist, however we now think of a brutal RPG where you need to plan your attacks and heal between fights to get through the toughest of opponents.

It’s always a risk when companies decide to change up a game but, in this situation, it has sparked one of the best trilogies of all-time mixing Greek and Norse mythology. It was always going to be between this and Red Dead Redemption 2 to win, but by the beauty and thrilling story of this game, as two different characters battle it out in a difficult world which brings them closer together, it was time for Sony to shine. We can expect the next game in the series to take our breath away yet again.

We’re already excited for next year as we have E3, Game Awards 2019 and PSX as just a little taste of the many surprises that be in store for us, as we look to the future of gaming.


Anton Wilson

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