Gaming events that confirmed I’m human

When it comes to normal life events, a lot of the time I tend to have no emotion about them and that makes me wonder if this sincere lack of emotion means I’m still human, because we all know that the only real difference between A.I and humans is emotion. Yet these five gaming events made me feel things and confirm for me that I am indeed human.

Rachel’s death – Life is Strange


Life is Strange is my all-time favourite game, but upon playing it and having never seen any spoilers or trailers past Episode 1, I had no idea it was coming. The aspect of finding her body bag in the junk yard, really moved me and sincerely made me cry and distraught to the point I had to stop playing and control myself.

Lee’s death – The Walking Dead


Okay, I know this looks like I only sympathise over deaths, but that’s not true (only currently). Lee’s death (or should I say murder by Clementine) within The Walking Dead really moved me to tears, to the point I didn’t want to keep playing, but emotionally, I had to and to follow the story. Mainly to keep the amazing world of The Walking Dead alive within my own mind.

The fact it ended – Orwell: Ignorance is Strength


Yeah, I know it sounds petty but I cried over the fact that I finished Orwell: Ignorance is Strength, because it was such a good game and the first one that I’ve ever played in full without any breaks, at all, which meant a lot to me, because I struggle to not take breaks while gaming. The ending credits rolling with the black screen and blue text, really set things for me and made me realise that I had been sat there for seven hours straight without doing anything else.

Pretty much the whole game – The Dog Island


As a child, I was an avid collector of The Dog Island magazines and toys, so when the Wii game came out, I knew I had to play it. It was so gorgeous and so blissful to the point the beauty of the world made me cry, that mixed with all the dramatic events and deaths of course. Oh, and the dogs.

Lola getting “canned” – Dog’s Life


No matter how many times I play this game, this section always makes me cry without fail, despite knowing the fact that it’s coming. It is the single most traumatic event that I’ve ever witnessed within a game and I really wish I didn’t, but it’s such a good game that I’ll put with that tiny bit of trauma for such an amazing experience. We always wondered what dog food was made of, and now we know that apparently, it’s other dogs.

Emma Hughes

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