Gaming has always been two players

My gaming life; sharing my experiences

I remember the day my dad gave me his collection of copied PS1 discs, it was a giant music folder (the physical kind, not some file on his computer). It was grey and had a zip tied all the way around it. There were probably hundreds of pirated discs filling that folder. I can’t imagine how many hours he spent downloading games and burning them onto Poundland rewritable CDs. Each one had their name crudely scribbled on the front by a black marker.

He told me that the PS1 was mine now to share with my sister because he couldn’t find time to play games anymore. Of course me being an ignorant child meant that I only played a few games out of these hundreds.

CD Folder

The game which I remember the most was Tomb Raider 2, the one with the beginning mission inside the mansion. Where the butler relentlessly follows Lara Croft around farting, which we later found out when we were teenagers, that he was actually groaning. The reason why this game defines my early years is because… we never left that mansion. We probably spent hundreds of ours playing around in the mansion making little games (outside of the game) and then playing them inside the game.

To me and my sister we both played games at that point like they were our games, in a way. Lara was never a tomb raider, she was a energetic woman who liked to bully and mess with her annoying butler. Some of the things we did like locking him in the freezer and exploring every inch of that mansion, because once we found somewhere we liked we never wanted to leave.

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After the Playstation 1 I moved onto the Playstation 2, despite being given an Xbox later I would never want to leave the Playstation as it was and always has been my console of choice.

While writing this, I’m only just learning how important my sister was in my early years of gaming. For example with my Playstation 2 we played games like, Barbie Horse adventure, even though it’s not a game I particularly liked, playing with someone else and sharing that experience was more important to me than what we played. Although, we had somewhat stopped making our own imaginative games, we began to enjoy the story the game offered, even if they weren’t as creative as our active imaginations.

The Playstation 2 period is a short time for me because, although I enjoyed a lot of games, it wasn’t until the Playstation 3 that I became what I consider a hardcore gamer. I stopped playing games with people in real life, instead I was enjoying spending time with online friends.

I found that as a kid I enjoyed playing games with others, which has been carried throughout my entire life, as I only ever play online games, especially during the Playstation 3 part of my life. I remember spending eight hours a day playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 with some online friends. Of course we moved onto each Call of Duty as it came out, up until Black Ops 2 which is where we all stopped talking. I spent almost seven years playing eight hours most days, which is just over two years spent just on Playstation 3. At this point I stopped playing games entirely, for two years I focused more on real life experiences.

Now I spend most of my time with friends online playing esport games like League of Legends and keeping up with the latest teams and news around gaming sports. Writing this blog post I can see that I’ve always loved sharing gaming experiences with people, friends or family. That’s probably why single player games/ playing alone has never been interesting to me.


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