My gaming life before the current gen

Video games have been a part of my life for the past 18 years. I have played on many consoles over the years starting with the PS1 all the way through to an Xbox One, with some of the classics mixed in between.

PS1 Game: Croc: Legend of the Gobbos


Taking me back to 2001, young three-year-old me was sat in front of my Nonni’s old LG crt TV; PS1 loading up with Croc in the disk drive. The little green alligator waddles across the jet black screen as you are brought out into the world. At such a young age, I never really understood how to play a video game and as such I don’t recall ever leaving the first level. But three-year-old me didn’t care; the pure enjoyment from running around collecting gems was enough for me. With my parents both having jobs I spent a lot of time around my Nonni’s house in front of that TV. Watching Croc waddle back and forth on the big screen was somewhat influential for me to the point I would actually mimic his walk.

PS2 Game: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers


Fast forward to Primary School, getting home after a “long days work” to relax on the PS2, sitting down, plugging in the iconic 8mb memory card, hoping and praying that it would load up and not corrupt. My brother would grab the pristine condition dual shock controller being player 1 whilst I was left with the third party spare controller that featured the “turbo button”. A feature no one knew the true purpose of, but the older siblings would always insist it made you better at the game. Into the game and the most memorable experience would be atop the wall during the battle of Helm’s Deep, my brother as Legolas, myself as Gimli, the fight for Middle Earth was well and truly underway, kicking down the advancing Uruk-Hai and Orc forces from the ladders. None the wiser that a Berserker was charging under the bridge about to blow through our defences. The wall was lost.

Xbox 360 Game: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2


Now jumping into 2009, my first year in High School. A place full of new friends and my first online games console. The Xbox 360 arguably the greatest console of all time. One game stands at the top of my list for this console: Call of Duty MW2 – released at the end of 2009 was an instant hit with all the kids at school. Getting home after a 9-3 school day, having a few hours spare before dinner. Still in my school uniform, I would sit at the end of my bed, Turtle Beach X12 headset on; I was ready to play. Jumping into a party chat with your mates and getting ready to battle it out for top spot. Search and Destroy was always the go-to when you wanted to outplay other schools and prove you were the best CoD team in the local area. Miami to Ibiza plays in the background as we slowly fight our way through the competition.

Gianfranco Lagioia


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