My Life in Gaming

One thing I can say for sure is I wasn’t pushed out my Mom’s womb playing on a DS Lite.

My family didn’t like games, didn’t play them and for sure didn’t have money to spend on them. Aside from an unhealthy liking for Zumba and Chicken Invaders on the family PC, my parents evaded every mainstream console as much as I avoid looking at my growing washing pile.

The first game I ever played was Spyro, much like so many other 90s babies, and yea it stuck with us for sure. I didn’t own the game, or even the console. I played about twice a week, or whenever I could wrestle the controller off any of the other kids at play group. I often lost those battles, but unfortunately for my younger sister, I always won when our very own PlayStation appeared.

Our PlayStation was pre-loved, and so were the games, but had somehow found an even more loving second chance. By this time the PS2 had been out for a year or so, many people were selling their old games – so I decided to play them; Lemmings, Croc, Lion King, Rugrats and of course Spyro. And I played them to the PlayStation’s actual death. R.I.P Disk reader.

From there my life took a game hiatus for a few years, until some family friends unwittingly introduced Sims 3 to me and my sister. It took months of begging and saving money until our Mom caved and we were allowed to buy the base game. Our dad got together spare computer parts and built us our first computer. We were always playing or using our paper round money on a new Expansion Pack, until we had 16/20 possible. It was only recently it dawned on me that I’d spent a few hundred pounds on expansion packs…

One year, unexpectedly, me and my sister received a DS Lite with the oh-so-legal R4 card which allowed us to transfer games from disk to DS. From there I found Pokemon Pearl and Diamond, a game I will forever associate with happy childhood memories. Training a team for the first time, learning my type match ups and getting my ass kicked by more clued up friends. Pokemon has been a series I’ve been determined to stay with ever since.

Me and my sister grew much closer through playing the many unfair games of Mario Party (which I always handicapped against her.. I know I was a d*ck), Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, Mario Kart, Nintendogs, and Pokemon Ranger (which totally needs a remake Nintendo).

Then came Year 10 of High School and I made some new, and definitely cooler friends, who introduced me to TF2. And.. I then unmercifully forced onto my not-at-all-up-for-the-task laptop. Which is when I decided to build my own PC, which me and my Dad put together and after a few attempts actually turned on.

Since then my games library has grown to include many other games like Skyrim, Stardew Valley, Destiny 2 and Overwatch. When I moved to Uni I met new people and played more games that I hadn’t even considered before. Persuaded by the sheer practicality of the PS4, I brought one a few months into university life and am way too focused on Platinum awarding Monster Hunter: World. 

Every time I go home I try and take my PS4 with me and encourage my mom and sister to try a game and broaden their experiences. This Christmas my Mom brought me the Spyro remake and, sat on a chair in my living room, it felt like my childhood all over again because my lovable uncoordinated sister still loved it as much as she did before.

See below for a wholesome video;

Sarah Fox

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