The games that shaped me and my memorable gaming moments

As a gamer, I have little nostalgia for most games since as a young Jack I was more interested in television and movies than games. Only getting into the hobby properly in the past seven years (and having to play catch up with some of the past decades’ best games). But there are two games in particular that I remember playing more than any of the other titles I played at a young age. Perhaps today I can share my love for them with you.

My first game (kinda)

The first game I remember playing (not properly, but the first game I ever played) was Pokémon Red Version for the Gameboy Advance Colour, a hand-me-down from my brother who eventually strayed away from gaming. I remember it like it was yesterday, my brother handed me the purple box with a smile. I was in awe of its glossy shine and flip-up screen and I was delighted to start up a game like a big boy. I don’t remember much about my experience with the start of the game, only that I named myself AB (cause of course I did).

There is one moment that I remember to this day, for some unknown reason, young Jack was enthralled with Mount Moon, specifically the Gravelers of Mount Moon. I remember catching box upon box of Gravelers, my team full of them, all named AAAAA and other similarly strange names, apart from one, Rocky. My favourite Graveler and the only one that I battled the other ‘mon of the mountain with. Although memories of most of my older gaming experiences escape me, Rocky will always be there for me and I was so excited to bring him back in one of the newest instalments in the Pokemon franchise, Let’s Go Eevee. I don’t need Golem, I have my Rocky.

Pokemon Let’s go Eevee can be bought at Amazon via our affiliate link

The first game I was ‘hyped’ for


Hype. A word that, emits excitement and familiarity in all gamers, we’ve all been hyped, be it for a game, event or announcement. While writing this article, it was hard to remember what game I was ever truly hyped for first, but then it struck me… There is a game that I vividly remember my excitement for, a game that I remember checking the internet for the latest news on every day after school, a game that I still play to this very day.

Lego City Undercover. I had been speaking about this game non-stop to my dad and friends for months, surely they must have gotten sick of me at some point. I recall walking to my dad’s car from high school one day as we begun the long drive back home. I was tempted to ask him if we could stop by Argos on the way home, a hefty detour but the hype must be quenched, only to be told to check the back seat before I could open my little mouth. There it was, and not just the standard edition, but the special Minifigure edition including a Minifigure of the game’s main character. That little Chase McCain figure sits on my desk to this day, reminding me of the good times and my ever-thoughtful father. The game was incredible and well worth the wait, but that’s a story for another time.

Lego City Undercover recently received a remaster, bringing it over to consoles other than the Wii U. I still play the remastered Switch version to this day and you can buy it at Amazon via our affiliate link

Parting words

Video games can play such a huge role in our lives, and sometimes we don’t even realise just how much they shape us, especially at a young age. These aren’t just games, they’re not even just an art form, they are experiences and part of our very being. And that’s why I’ll always love them.

Jack Yates

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