Epic makes a ballsy move

What more could the world’s current biggest game need? The answer is a giant hamster ball with a plunger stuck to the front.

After the removal of planes from season 7, Fortnite was in need of a new vehicle. Epic’s answer? A motorised hamster ball straight out of Jurassic World, but with a plunger attachment. How this vehicle will play is currently unknown, but it surely can’t be anything more than rolling around the world, presumably using the plunger as a grapple hook of sorts and maybe being able to jump or drive up walls.

As basic as the design is, it’s quite trendy. There’s been a strange trend recently in spherical transport from Jurassic World to Overwatch. The new season is releasing this week at some point so therefore we could be seeing ‘The Baller’ as Epic are calling it, implemented into the game fairly soon. It looks pretty fleshed out judging by the picture so it may well be ready for the game.

I’m sure we’re all looking forward to being chased by giant hamster balls in-game. How could that ever not be a laugh?

Cameron Hubbard

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