How far would you go to reach the Apex?

Apex sees a surge in bannable offences and their Legends are on the case.


Respawn’s Battle Royal Apex Legends, which has been out for little over a month, faces the oldest problem multiplayer online games still battle – cheaters. Taking to Reddit to explain, Respawn said it’s banned 355,000 players since March 8th.

Solutions won’t happen right away but we’re on it.

Respawn’s main goal, though they remain secretive about how, is to develop a newer and better anti-cheat tool. The company have been reaching out to EA and other external companies to find the best anti-cheat experts. The battle between PC players and Respawn’s anti-cheat tool is constantly changing, and the developers are aware of the need to “continue to adapt to and be very vigilant” of this.

In addition to these actions Respawn is also creating its own internal anti-cheat team which it hopes will keep “crafty” cheaters at bay. For a game that boasts 50 million players there is no surprise a large amount of ethically loose players make up a small percentage of that.

We’re keeping a lot of our strategy close to the chest so offenders don’t have time to build workarounds before we implement changes.

Apex Legends made a huge impact with its free-to-play release, attracting one million players in the first 8 hours of launch, and continues to gain momentum both in player base and media presence – often unseating Fornite on Twitch’s popular now section.

What the future holds for Apex’s cheaters is anyone’s guess, but we do know Respawn aren’t going to make it easy.

Sarah Fox

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