Inside Xbox 2019 – Our hopes and predictions

We’re just over a day away from the hour-long Inside Xbox livestream happening at 10pm tomorrow evening. So, what’s on and what could we potentially see?

So far, we know we’re getting some “exciting” news on Halo: The Master Chief Collection, along with news on DayZ, One Piece World Seeker and Game Pass. Since this announcement on the 6th of March, the main focus has been Halo, Microsoft’s flagship title for their console, however not just for their console as speculations are implying.

Halo MCC on PC has been a much-requested addition to Windows 10. Rumours of this being closer than we think began on March 5th, when reputable Xbox leaker, Brad Sams uploaded a video in which he mentioned the game being close to a PC release. A day later, the Inside Xbox livestream was announced. Brad Sams has an impressive track record of leaks including leaking the Xbox One X, when it was still Project Scorpio, a day before its reveal and a new Halo game at last year’s E3 titled Halo Infinity. At that very E3, the new Halo game was announced as Halo Infinite. So with this, Brad Sams can certainly be trusted.


As far as DayZ is concerned, it’s unusual that we’re seeing it included as a major selling point for the livestream considering the game has almost entirely faded out of existence at this point. Of course, One Piece World Seeker will appeal to all the fans of the anime who are looking forward to playing the game. Then there’s Game Pass, Xbox’s perfect monthly subscription service which offers nearly the entirety of the console’s library of games, and then some – all to install and play at your leisure. If you have Game Pass, you’ll never be short of anything to play. What more could we possibly ask for? It’s likely that there will simply just be new games added to the service, but it would be nice to see Original Xbox titles added alongside its younger console’s games.

All we’ve been told so far, is that there is news on certain games. Still, everything is rumours and speculation. How about speculation on what hasn’t been listed? Halo Infinite? The next Xbox? There is a lot of potential.

The next generation of consoles have been predicted to be revealed at this year’s E3 for a while now. But could we see Microsoft’s earlier than that? It’s more unlikely than some of the speculations, but still not entirely uncertain. There has already been a version of the Xbox One S announced which will not use discs and will solely play digital versions of games. Could this be a way of testing the waters for their next console? We can more than likely expect to see more details on this version of the One S, and possibly in turn, the future.

Of course, news on Halo Infinite would be very well received. We’ve not had much other than the engine tech demo at last year’s E3. There’s been the odd leak here and there about the release date and gameplay being more RPG like and having an adaptive story. It would be nice to have some confirmation on some more details for the game. At the very least, the release date. All will be revealed.

You can watch the Inside Xbox livestream on Mixer, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter tomorrow at 10pm.

Cameron Hubbard

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