Niantic introduces lunchtime raids to Pokémon Go

In our modern, primarily civilised world some folks just don’t have the time to group together and complete those legendary Pokémon raids thanks to the need to work, earn money and survive. Fortunately, Niantic has heard your conflict of time cries and have found the solution.

Starting this Wednesday, Niantic shall be testing a new event dubbed ‘The Legendary Lunch Hour’, where legendary Pokémon raids shall become much more common from noon to 1pm in your local time zone. The idea is to allow busy players to head out on their lunch break for a walk, group up with other employees and complete those raids for rare Pokémon and goodies.

With a highly concentrated number of employees walking around between those hours, it could be easier to complete those raids as well. If the event is successful enough (presumably measured through player counts or online reaction) Niantic could begin hosting it each week.

So if you spot a mass horde of hungry, out of breath, neatly dressed employees between 12 and 1 on Wednesday, you’ve been warned.

Bradley Newson

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