Satisfaction is the bare minimum in new sandbox game, Satisfactory

We managed to get a look at a promising new release from Goat Simulator developer Coffee Stain Studios, called Satisfactory. The early access look at the new game challenges players to create a functioning factory setup in an open sandbox that will ultimately become autonomous as the player becomes more and more technologically advanced.

In our video, we talked about what it takes to succeed in Satisfactory, community opinions on the release and we gave our personal touch about what we think of the game. While we think Satisfactory is an exciting new alpha release, due to the nature of how early we got to see the game, some holes did begin to show as we sunk more time into the game. We’re okay letting this slide for now as it is in early, early access (or as we like to call it earlier access).

That being said, to really see what we thought of the game and to get an understanding of it yourself, take a look at the full video below.

Satisfactory will hit PC on the Epic Games Launcher this March 19 in early access form.

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