Valve commits to VR despite layoffs

Valve has moved to reassure its fans it remains committed to virtual reality hardware after a round of layoffs sparked concern.

As reported earlier, Valve has recently laid off 13 of its employees, with some VR engineers among those laid off. Alan Yates, Hardware Engineer for Valve took to reddit to confirm Valve’s work on VR isn’t ceasing despite the layoffs.

Explaining more, Yates said: “I am still at Valve, still working on VR R&D with the original core team and a bunch of people you’ve never heard about that have joined over the years.

“As Gabe has confirmed, yes Valve let some people go. VR wasn’t the main group affected, it certainly wasn’t half the FTEs in hardware. As you can see from the jobs website we are still hiring for VR and other hardware-related skills.”

Commenting further and addressing recent rumours, Yates said: “Does anyone really believe we would abandon a nascent media like VR, especially one we have such a significant position in? Hardware is of great strategic importance to our future, VR and otherwise, abandoning that capacity would be stupid.”

We’ll update the site if this story develops any further but for now it certainly seems that these recent layoffs will have minimal effect on Valve’s VR development future.

Jack Yates

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