Nintendo to reveal two new Switch models

As always, predictions and rumours for E3 are in full force as the 11th of June gets ever closer. One rumour that has been present for a while is that Nintendo will be revealing a new, updated version of its current top selling console the Switch.

According to a Wall Street Journal article, Nintendo is going to be unveiling not one but two new Nintendo Switch models. One for the more hardcore gamers and the other for the more casual gamers.

The one for more hardcore players will sport some upgraded hardware on what we currently have, however not as much as the Xbox One or PS4. The model for casual players is reported to follow similar traits to that of the DS and be priced much lower than the original and upgraded versions.

Of course, if these rumours are true then we are most likely to see them confirmed at E3 this year, but with rumours circulating of a new Xbox console announcement at E3, Nintendo will have to make sure its offering is competitive enough.

Considering the current huge success of the Nintendo Switch, it’s safe to assume what we get will be met with more success and possibly even more so with the appeal to more casual and hardcore gamers.

Cameron Hubbard

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