PlayStation State of Play – Great Ex-Playstations for 2019

Sony recently announced State of Play, a live streamed web series launching today with its first episode scheduled for tonight at 9pm GMT.

After Sony removed itself from E3 2019, fans were skeptical over PlayStation’s presence this year. While it is likely Sony will save some content for its annual PlayStation Experience in December, the launch of this web series seems to be taking the Nintendo Direct route of announcements. Microsoft made this move recently as well with the launch of Inside Xbox. So, what can we expect from tonight’s live-stream?

Ghost of Tsushima


Sucker Punch’s new open world samurai game was announced back at Paris Games Week in October 2017. More information was revealed at E3 2018, and I bet all you remembered was that one guy playing a flute? There was a small portion of gameplay, but information has been sparse since the blockbuster gaming conference. State of Play is an excellent opportunity for Sony to potentially show off more aspects of the game and more importantly present us with a release window.



This is a game I have been anticipating since the dawn of time (that was a little joke there). Moving on, Wild is a game set at the early-ish era of mankind and was announced way back at Gamescom 2014. WILD transitioned into vapourware, we know the game still exists due to Sony recently renewing the title’s trademark on March 18th 2019, but we’ve only seen a small clip of gameplay. Therefore, I believe the game has a likely chance of appearing during State of Play – and all I want is a release date for god’s sake.

VR Content


This one is already a confirmed element of the stream, with Sony including VR within the stream’s announcement itself. We will most likely see updates for already existing VR games and potentially see some release dates for games such as Vacation Simulator and Falcon Age. It will be interesting to see what Sony continues to deliver for the PlayStation VR.

Days Gone


This one is yet another given as Days Gone is releasing on April 26th 2019 and was recently confirmed to have gone gold. We’ll probably see a big marketing push from Sony, revealing new story elements and of course a gameplay trailer. There isn’t much we can’t expect from Days Gone during State of Play, but it’s something that will potentially generate more buzz for the game.

Death Stranding


Hideo Kojima has been teasing us with Death Stranding for a few years, however we still don’t understand what on earth it is about. Among these predictions, this is one of the least likely contenders to receive some form of announcement. If it does have some presence, I’d love to see more gameplay to determine what style of game it is and another glimpse at the strange story would satisfy my hunger for more information.

The Last of Us Part II


Again, another unlikely one but it’ll generate a lot of hype if it makes an appearance. The Last of Us Part II surprised fans at the PlayStation Experience in 2016. Many fan reactions were posted online with some tears being shed. The Last of Us was a critically acclaimed 2013 PlayStation 3 game and the sequel seems to be promising to be just as impactful. A release date would be nice, but this game is likely to be in the making for a little bit longer.



From the creators of the iconic LittleBigPlanet, Dreams has seen numerous delays during its development cycle. The developers over at Media Molecule have stated they are attempting to ‘reinvent creativity’ so the delayed development makes a whole lot of sense. It was announced at E3 2015 and just recently an early access period was confirmed for mid-2019. Hopefully more news will be shed light on the title this evening, as we could not only get confirmation of the early access but also a release date.

These are just a few ideas for what could potentially be announced during State of Play. Sony probably has a few hidden gems that could be unveiled, and it’ll be interesting to see what they bring to the table. It seems Sony is following its competitors in the ongoing trend of live broadcasts, which has been extremely successful for Nintendo who have been following the format since 2011. State of Play goes live this evening at 9pm GMT and can be viewed on your console itself or other media platforms such as YouTube.

Jaimie Ditchfield

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