The all-inclusive future of console exclusives

What do Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Detroit: Become Human have in common? Yes, both are fantastic games (or collections of games), but they’re also previous console exclusives making the move to PC.

The future of console exclusives may be in question with more games, both indie, triple A and everything in between, making the move or adding PC as another supported platform. There has always been a certain divide between console and PC gamers, with the differing platforms having their own features to draw in players, from mods and a buffet of games on PC to a simpler experience chock-full of exclusives on consoles.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection was revealed to be coming to PC as part of the Inside Xbox livestream on 12th March 2019, and Quantic Dream’s trilogy of ex-exclusives was revealed for a PC release just after on 20th March 2019. And with the recent reveal of Detroit: Become Human’s PC requirements, there is no better time to ponder what could be in store for the future of console exclusives.

One possibility is console ‘exclusives’ will evolve and adapt to become timed exclusives, releasing on console first and via the Epic Games Store or Steam later, or potentially vice versa with more niche titles making their way over to console. However, the idea that console exclusives will simply cease to exist is perhaps a little too far-fetched – at least right now.

Another possibility is some console companies will become perhaps more aggressive with their exclusives to combat the movement of other console exclusives to PC and keep their own, segmented audience. Again, this seems equally unlikely, especially with both Microsoft and PlayStation sending some exclusives over for a PC release. Whilst Nintendo has not yet revealed any of their exclusives heading to PC, and with the company shutting down many PC-based fan projects for their iconic IPs, it seems unlikely the company will make any PC-related actions anytime soon. Perhaps this possibility isn’t so unlikely after all.

No matter the future for console exclusives, it is heart-warming to see the gap between console and PC players fading, bringing the two sides together as never before.

Jack Yates

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