Top 5 indies we want to see at the ID@Xbox Game Pass showcase

After the announcement of the upcoming livestream, we’ve been pondering the indie games we want to see come to Xbox Game Pass. From hits on other platforms to anticipated upcomers, these are the games we hope to see at the showcase.

Baba Is You

One of the most genuinely ground-breaking games we’ve seen in ages, Baba Is You allows the player to change the game rules on the fly. Forget game logic and systems, you create your own rules to manipulate the game world and progress in this latest innovation to hit the indie space. Baba Is You came to PC and Switch earlier this month, and we think the Xbox Indie Showcase is the perfect place to bring the game to new players, including Game Pass subscribers. After all, we think the first level of Baba Is You is absolute perfection.

Ape Out

What happens when you mix swinging jazz with violent gorillas? Ape Out happens. This top down brawler may not be the innovation some indies bring, but it doesn’t need to be. Ape Out is all out fun in the form of animals throwing things with the soundtrack being a perfect fit for the action. The visual style is also quite unique and sets the game apart from other media showing off fighting gorillas. Sadly, we don’t think you can punch planes from the top of the Empire State Building…

My Friend Pedro

This one isn’t out yet, but we’re already feeling the power of the banana. My Friend Pedro is a side-scrolling shooter where the protagonist is wholly controlled by a sentient banana, and if that isn’t a great elevator pitch then what is? This game would be right at home on the Xbox and if players can get past the silly name, they would be sure to give it a bash on Game Pass. We’re not sure if Pedro the banana and the man it controls are really friends, but they do make a great super-soldier.

Super Meatboy Forever

Things have been a little quiet for this meat-cube since last December when the title was given a release window of April 2019. Contrary to what the title says, the previous game in the series was hard as nails; a very tough platformer that unfortunately turned us into mincemeat. Super Meatboy Forever has been announced for Xbox already, but we’re hoping for a Game Pass launch so we’re not restarting levels alone in the soul crushing meat grinder.

Knights and Bikes

The most interesting upcoming game to feature bikes, this hand-painted adventure oozes style. Set in the 1980s on a British Island, you must work together with an AI partner or in co-op multiplayer to solves puzzles, defeat enemies and explore an atmospheric island. From a small team featuring the lead developer of Media Molecule’s Tearaway, Knights and Bikes has an art style that immediately pulls you in and we can’t wait to ride across a mysterious island, with knights?!

The ID@Xbox Game Pass livestream takes place March 26 at 9:00 AM PDT, on Twitch and Mixer. The VoD will be available shortly after the stream on the Xbox YouTube channel.

Ben Kerry

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