What Battlefield needs to do to make me love it again

I grew up on a lot of great shooter titles, such as Medal of Honor, Halo and Call of Duty. However, one shooter has always had a place in my heart and that is Battlefield. I spent a lot of my youth playing Battlefield 2, Battlefield 1942, and the Bad Company series. But lately I’ve found myself falling out of love with the franchise.

Aside from Battlefield 3, which I think is the best Battlefield game to date, I did not enjoy the time I spent playing the last three games, BF4, BF1 and BFV. Why?

Story Mode

To enjoy a shooter it has to have a great story and this is what we get in Battlefield 3. We get to see every aspect of military life, from boots on the ground in missions like Operation Sword Breaker, where you are tasked with finding a missing US Marine squad who were searching for IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices), to being a pilot in the mission Going Hunting, where the player is flying the F-18F Super Hornet and tasked to conduct air strikes against military targets but is intercepted by Iranian jets.

Missions like these are one of the main reasons why I have not enjoyed the story missions in the last few games. I don’t think I can remember any missions I actually enjoyed in the last three games, compared to remembering pretty much all of them in Battlefield 3.


Online multiplayer is the most important part of Battlefield as this is what most players tend to play. More attention needs to be paid to the loadouts and the way weapons handle. Most of the time the weapons feel like you’re in an arcade shooter – just get an LMG, go prone and it’s an instant win. If the weapons felt more like they do in Escape From Tarkov for example, where you can add different ammo and a lot of different attachments so you can build guns from the ground up to make them feel like they are your own, then I would find the recent Battlefields a lot more enjoyable.

The inclusion of tanks and planes are both a good and bad thing. Obviously tanks run supreme in the conquest game modes, but I don’t like how there are not very many ways to deal with them, especially playing as infantry. It usually takes two to three RPGs to destroy a tank – and that is only if the tank is not upgraded. Having tank v tank game modes, or better ways with dealing with them would help a lot. This was particularly bad in Battlefield 3, especially playing as the Recon class as they had no way of dealing with tanks. This changed in Battlefield 4 though as the Recon class was given C4 charges to be able to deal with tanks and jeeps if needed.


Battlefield 5 included a four-player co-op mode that drops players into matches with bots tasked with missions to accomplish. Battlefield needs to add co-op to both the multiplayer and single-player modes to have more of a split screen type experience with friends and family.

Era Change

One of the main reasons I haven’t enjoyed recent games is because of the changes of era, like in Battlefield 1 and V, because you can’t include a lot of content with games set in the two world wars because they did not have the technology we do today. I feel that games that start off in the world war era and then change to the modern era overall are better simply because of more content being available.

I hope one day I can find my love for Battlefield again as I have a lot of fond memories of playing this franchise over the year. Battlefield is still the best multiplayer shooter, I just don’t enjoy them anymore.

Matthew Curtiss

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