What Sony needs to do to make PS5 a success

It isn’t a secret PlayStation has dominated the console war for this current generation, but how can the company keep this going? The next consoles are around the corner and Sony need to keep up the great work. Here’s how.


Sony has left me content in recent years after I was crying out for more and more exclusives. The company has obviously have been at the top of its game recently but why should it stop there? Xbox and PlayStation have undoubtedly had a feud for what seems like forever, but Sony has been showing off just why their fans should stick with them, whilst bringing out innovative ideas to bring in newer fans for the ride. so, what ideas could Sony have up its sleeve?

Well, we already know God of War 2 is going to be a thing and after the success of the first one Sony has got a lot to live up to (not that we don’t have faith in you Cory Barlog). The Last of Us 2 is another game loved by many and after already seeing some gameplay at previous E3 conferences, we know it’s only a matter of time before we get all emotional yet again.

Sony revealed last year it will not be attending E3, sparking questions from audiences all over the world. Do they just don’t have nothing to show – because that isn’t like Sony at all? However, what if the company is keeping everything for their own conference this year (PSX) and will surprise us with the release of the PlayStation 5?

Thinking about it, this would make perfect sense. Sony has also recently shown off a teaser for their brand-new mini conference on March 25th titled State of Play – could this be the start of an important year for Sony? PSX has potential to show off a lot of things and the conference could include new IPs, game remasters, DLCs and many more, raising the excitement levels for the next generation consoles.

We’re not far off 2020 and the release of a new console would be perfect to show off just how far we have advanced when it comes to technology; videos usually show just how fantastic game engines have come as we see talented designers show off brand new lighting features, real-time rendering and a better variety of options when using destructible environment within games. With all this new technology looking promising it would make gamers even more excited to see what games are going to include these features, whilst combining with the new graphics cards and processors on the newest consoles. God of War 2 and The Last of Us 2 are also perfect PS5 launch titles for Sony as not only will they show off brand new technology, they will boost console sales as fans of the series will want to get hands-on quickly.

Whilst Xbox has been accused of focusing on the Game Pass to “milk” series such as Gears of War and Halo, Sony can continue to dominate by not only bringing out sequels to their successful exclusives, but also showing new ideas from brilliant minds within the games industry.

Anton Wilson

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