Monthly Merch: GamingHeads

As someone with a LARGE plushie collection you’d imagine I have very little space for more. Though that’s true, Gamingheads’ collectables site has changed my mind.


Gamingheads is a site with high quality and reasonably priced plushies, PVC figures and art prints which many of you may never have heard of.

Our team has over 10 years of experience in the collectables business where we strive for perfection in everything we produce and our commitment to quality is paramount.

With many big name licences such as Fallout, Spryo the Dragon, Bioshock, Elder Scrolls and my favourite Team Fortress 2 (to only name a few). There seems to be something of interest for everyone, making it a great place for gifts – I’ve already eyed up that Mudcrab  plush.



As someone well traversed in plushie buying I found Gamingheads’ prices to be very competitive – which is a great thing. I’ll often have to shop around for a good hour before I find a good price-to-quality ratio – especially when shopping for my eeveelutions set. So it’s a nice change to be able to rely on Gamingheads.

Though the site has less of a choice in plushies than PVCs it has some interesting and really cool designs I struggled to even find anywhere else; such as the Fallout 76 Mr Fuzzy plush, which is a cute shout out to the in game misc item.



Something this site does really well its it’s exclusives – there are MANY.


(My shelf – with way too much room for more figures… )

With a total of 65 PCV figure exclusives you’re really spoilt for choice between the perfect model to sit in that empty space on your shelf – this includes the TF2 models mentioned earlier which have me wanting to part with the majority of my hard earned cash.


 Cast in high quality poly-stone, the statue is hand finished and hand painted to exacting standards


All of the pieces you find available on have been expertly and meticulously crafted with the discerning enthusiast, collector and fan in mind.

The only concern I have is the potential duty costs when shipping, though thats something I can accept for good quality. So it seems, unfortunately, I’m going to need more shelf space.

Visit Gamingheads:


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