Firewatch taught us to be better people

Firewatch was the indie darling of early 2016. An interesting short first-person mystery adventure game set in Shoshone National Forest during the Yellowstone fires in 1988. The plot follows the story of Henry, who takes a job as a forest fire lookout after his wife develops early-onset dementia. The game only has the player directly interact with one other character: Henry’s supervisor Delilah. The game … Continue reading Firewatch taught us to be better people

Review: Bloodborne

Spiritual successor to Soul Series does not disappoint From Software is known for its vast open world RPG games and being able to keep the genre fresh, despite how frequently they return to it. Around the world these games have gained infamy for their difficulty but despite how challenging the games are, they are also fair with a learning curve that helps players to ease into the games … Continue reading Review: Bloodborne

Review: Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain

A barrage of finely crafted elements fused by the Fox Engine The Metal Gear Sold V: TPP is a sterling instalment in the franchise, possibly the best. Starting with the gameplay mechanics, which are one of the game’s perfectly executed components, you are getting nothing short of what the title is promising: “tactical espionage operations”. It’s easy to see that the game’s core mechanics derive from a … Continue reading Review: Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain